Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hungary Week 4

Szervusztok Mindenki!
Hogy vagytok?
Remélem az iskola király! (Slang for: I hope school is rad!)

SO, this week was the Savaria Carnival! It was flippin' huge! It was 3 days long and Szombathely was seriously turned upside down. There were shops and stands everywhere. There were thousands of people on the streets all day long and live music was playing everywhere you turned. It was awesome! We were able to watch the opening ceremony during our dinner hour on Thursday. They had a big performance with fire dancers and all sorts of cool costumes. They lit the torch to officially start the festivities. That night we were able to watch an awesome firework show from our rooftop. Rad stuff!

I was able to purchase my first whip this week at one of the many booths! (The mission average is to buy 3 whips) It's super dooper cool. It has a wooden handle and the rest of it is just solid braided leather. When you crack it, it sounds like a gun-shot. It's a good time!

On Saturday, for a branch youth activity, we attended the Savaria parade. It was really cool and Elder Shipp was able to get us some great spots for it. There were a bunch of people sword fighting, dressed up in Roman armor, and all sorts of different performances. I liked all of the people on the extremely tall stilts.

I got a kick out of the fact that loads of people were all walking around the streets in costumes, togas, and Roman armor, but WE still got looked at funny being in proselyting attire.

We were also able to attend the Hungary vs. Austria basketball game last P-day. It was huge and a blast! Hungary won and it was a great game! The Hungarian crowd were super into it and It was fun to learn some Hungarian chants!

While at the store last week, I grabbed what looked to me like a container of yogurt. (I had heard that the yogurt was really good here) When I opened it up the other day, it was all white. "What an odd color for yogurt" I thought. After a big spoonful of it, I soon discovered it wasn't yogurt at all--it was sour cream. SO, this week I am going to expand my "food vocabulary" and hopefully not have another experience like that one.

Yesterday was an all day "New Missionary Training" that took place in Budapest. It was awesome to see all of my MTC group buddies again and exchange all of our great stories we have attained so far. It was cool to hear about the variety of the different areas we are all serving in. The training went well and after the long, 3 hour train ride back, we unlocked our bikes and discovered that someone had been so kind as to slash all 8 of our tires for us. Which kind of bites because the other day, my front tire blew. Literally. So I had just barely gotten a whole new tire. BUT, I was able to get some good exercise from the walk back from the train station. 

We had a lot of programs this week which was nice! We met with the lady who I wrote about last week. She fed us so. much. food. And THEN, before we left, she put all of the left overs into some containers and made us take them, along with candy bars, juice, and a bunch of huge pastries. I decided that if we start meeting with her frequently enough, I won't need to go grocery shopping anymore!

I'm glad that things will be normal around here once again. Having the Carnival sort of threw off the work. It's going to be good to get back in the normal flow of things!

Hey, reading the Book of Mormon wouldn't be such a bad idea for today. That's like... the best idea... I've thought of all day.

Alldredge Elder