Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Mit csinálok most? Jó kérdés.

Home: Well yes, I am home. I flew from Budapest to Paris, then from Paris on to SLC. I had a little TV in front of me on the ten hour flight from Paris. When I was about to turn it on and watch a movie like everyone else was on the plane, I remembered that I hadn't been released yet and that it's still not allowed for me to watch movies! Lame. So I just watch the little plane make its way to SLC the whole time.

Woah: It was super strange to be back in America. From free refills, to massive cars and roads, and everyone speaking to me in English. It was pretty crazy to be in my house again.

What's It Like?: The adjustment hasn't been too bad. I've just tried to have a positive outlook on being home and getting into the next stage of my life. The idea of dating is a little scary but I'm hoping that feeling will go away soon. I've enjoyed being able to play guitar, drums, and soccer since being back. Life is great!

Now What?: Great question. Next week I will be helping out at my stake's youth conference. We will actually be returning to Hungary as a family in about three weeks! After that, I'm hoping to be able to work at efy. (church youth summer camp.) In August I will be returning to school. I will be attending Southern Utah University. If things go as planned, I will have all of my general studies finished by the end of the fall semester. After that... well, I haven't planned that far yet.

I loved my mission. I will only be able to look back on it with love and happiness. Now here comes the next stage of life.

Read The Book of Mormon. I'm doing it... Everyone is doing it.

Sok Szeretettel,
Cameron Alldredge

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Momma couldn't wait to hug me first

sisters were so excited to see me

momma can't let me go!

My family at the airport!
I am home!
With my family at home, before church and my homecoming talk