Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 60 (July 8-15, 2013)

Na! Akkor így ment a hetem...
So we just finished meeting with one of our investigators who wanted to teach us and the Sisters how to cook some Hungarian food. We learned how to make Fruit Soup and Stuffed Peppers! It was super rad and our "chef" was really cute about it all.

By the way, here's a shout out to Elder Nabrotzky's family!! I've caught word that you all might be reading this! Just to let you know, your son is the BEST! You all have much to be proud of.

We were cooked and fed some REAL "American Pancakes" this week and I gotta say, it was spot on! I brought some Peanut Butter to share that I have saved up and only the mom of the family liked it... everyone else hated it! Some people just don't know what's good for them. 

We held our Zone Training this week and I gave a little training to everyone on how to tract a little more effectively and how to get "let in". It was extremely rewarding to see some of the companionships double their amount of lessons they teach in a week. I've already had a few companionships within the zone call me and tell me that they're amazed by the success that came immediately when they applied what they learned. Yay for the Spirit!!

I know how much missionaries loathe role-plays at zone trainings (I'll be honest, they're not always my most favorite.) So we decided to make the role-plays, NOT role-plays! We invited a bunch of the members, new converts, and even some new investigators to come and let the missionaries practice. We actually had one of our investigators there who we have only met with once so far. We didn't tell the missionaries who were the long time members, who were the recent converts, and who was still investigating. It made everything SO. MUCH. MORE. meaningful, fun, and memorable! Everyone involved loved it! The members liked being able to meet a bunch of other missionaries and the missionaries liked practicing with REAL Hungarians. After seeing how enjoyable it was for everyone, I think I'm going to continue such a thing for every training that I get to do!

Up until I came here to Miskolc I was constantly working for and wishing that my companionship had a lot of families to teach. During our weekly planning, I realized that we're teaching 8 different families as of late! One of the families especially loves when we come over. They tell us that their kids are so impatient and ask for hours when we're going to be there. There is a lot of them and they make it a really huge thing. They invite their extended family too! So we have a little living room just filled with kids and adults of all ages. It's been fun to focus so hard on one area of the city. As we walked from one program to another on Friday (about 5 minutes long) we were stopped and greeted by 5 different groups of people who we meet with and/or see often around the city. They were all like, "HEY! It's the missionaries!!" I guess it was just cool to me because it's what every missionary desires walking around a city to be like. And for me, that wish was quickly put out at the beginning of my mission--but now it's a wild forest fire!! 

These new converts are on FIRE! Our "Miracle Family" invited a complete stranger and her whole family to our Branch's family night activity. They all came and loved it. Everyone is friends with each other and we've began to teach them and they are loving the Gospel just as much! These new converts are all such great little missionaries and some are actually thinking about serving a full time mission... It's so rad!

Everything is going swell for me. I'm loving everything I'm doing and learning out here. This is in absolutely no way a sacrifice on my part.

Did you all know that The Book of Mormon was an acronym? Yea. It is.

Krap loads


Moments with God, that come
Only through
Reading from it
Often and
Never taking it for granted.
Yea... It's a stretch. But you get the point.
Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

We were made American Pancakes!

It looks a lot better on him!

I was able to try on a real, traditional, Hungarian Attorney coat, jacket, thingy.

One of the adorable little girls in one of the families we meet with.

Stuffing the peppers this morning. She insisted I wear the apron.