Monday, December 31, 2012

week 22 (December 25-31)

How awesome is that? The Hungarians mashed the three words: "Happy New Year" into ONE word! Finally, something that's easy.

So today is "Szilveszter" (New Year's Eve) and it's looking like it's going to be pretty crazy. The direct translation for "Fireworks" in Hungarian is "Fire-games"--Oh boy! Streeting people tomorrow is going to be interesting.

Anywho, Christmas was swell! Starting on the 22nd, I was fed lunch and dinner from different members every single day up until yesterday. Good earth it was so much food. About 70% of the time in Hungary, the people feeding us will just watch us. They won't eat with us. They will seriously just sit there and watch us and immediately restock our plate the second it is close to being cleared. Woof.... I don't know why Hungarians like to do that. But they totally do.

On Christmas day, we opened presents with the Sisters in our hallway. It was loads of fun and then we went caroling with some families to an old Néni's house. When we finished she was just in tears and she just blessed us with all sorts of stuff for about a minute. It was so cute. "Oh may God bless you and all of your families and your children and your grandchildren!! And God bless you with health for your whole life!! etc. etc." Adorable.

The ward put on a Christmas program and it was so sweet! They read a Hungarian children's Christmas story and there were breaks where the choir would sing special musical numbers. I was able to participate in the choir and it was such a neat experience!

On the 24th, we had a half hour bus ride from one of our programs so we starting singing Christmas songs with the ukulele on the bus. Not too long after we started, a bunch of people on the bus joined in and started singing with us! It was so rad!

We were able to attend a civil wedding for a member in the ward here. She was getting married to an American and they both served in the Germany mission. The ceremony was held in the City Hall here. (SUCH a huge and beautiful building.) It was a cool experience to watch a Hungarian wedding ceremony. It was really different but way rad to be a part of.

We have a super golden investigator right now. He is 77 years old and it was time to teach him the Law of Chastity a couple days ago. He was super funny about it. He liked it a lot and every topic we went over he acted appalled by the fact that we even had to teach people that. He ate it up and he's continuing to progress smoothly. Next time will be the Word of Wisdom. He's gonna look great in white.

Speaking of golden investigators, the lady I helped find and teach in Sopron is getting baptized this Saturday! I wish more than anything that I could attend but it's on the other side of the country. Nonetheless, it's going to be beautiful!

I hope all of your New Year celebrations are incredible! Hey, it would be pretty rad if you read The Book of Mormon EVERY day this next year. You can start tomorrow.

 The traditional Hungarian candle calendar thing. It has a really cool meaning behind it. Each candle represents something and they light one every Sunday before Christmas. Every Hungarian dinner table has one on it with real candles.

 A very missionary Christmas.

 The Sisters gave us some "coupons"

And LOADS of ties!

 Dessert time!!

 I love these streets.

 Pretty sunset!

Alldredge Elder