Monday, June 3, 2013

week 54 (May 27-June 3, 2013)

And the story continues. . .
I broke a window in our apartment yesterday. Like, completely shattered it. There was a HUGE fly on the window and it was buzzing and smacking itself against the glass and just being a complete nuisance. I said, "I'll put an end to this!" so I grabbed the first Ensign magazine off the top of our huge stack and rolled it up. Little did I know that it was a conference edition (that detail will come into play a little later). So anyway, I quietly walked to the window and smacked the fly to its death. I swear, I didn't hit it that hard, only enough to kill the darn thing. Anywho so the fly falls dead and brings the window crashing down with it and Elder Cox yells from the bathroom, "ELDER! WHAT did you DO!?" and all I could say was, "uhhh... I killed the fly!" I'm assuming that if I just used a normal Ensign edition, I wouldn't have had a bunch of broken glass everywhere. But noooo it had to be the conference edition. Dang it all! But the story doesn't stop there. After looking at the shattered window, I quickly realized that our landlady is a member. Which was great news until I realized that she was feeding us later in the day. At what point in time during a free meal do you tell someone you broke their window??
Do you mention it:
--At the beginning? "Thanks for inviting us over and cooking all day to feed us by the way I broke your window this morning in a heroic act of killing a giant fly."
--In the middle? "Wow this is really really good food it's probably the best meal I've had since being on my mission and I broke your window this morning."
--Or at the end? "Well! Thanks again so much for the meal! I guess we'll see you again next Sunday! Or maybe if you wanted to swing by and give us a bid on how much fixing a window might be, I mean, if you really want, like, we could meet then as well."
Luckily, she was super cool about the sour news and will be coming to see how to fix it this week.

Okay, enough with that tangent. We had another stellar week! Just yesterday we had an extra half hour between programs so we decided to tract a random building and we ended up having someone on each floor of the building gladly set up to meet with us this upcoming week! It was nuts!

Church was super incredible yesterday. By far one of the best testimony meetings I've been in. We had 8 investigators at church yesterday. It unbelievably awesome. We took up an entire row with all of them and we were pretty squished. They all loved the meeting, at least the ones I sat next to cried a little bit during the meeting as well. Afterward the miracle family told us, "did you guys tell all of those people beforehand exactly what they needed to say up there!? We feel like they were all speaking directly to us! It was so great!"

This past week, Elder Cox and I picked up our handmade Hungarian suits! I love my suit! My word. I took some pictures of it so I'll have to shoot them over.

We were in Budapest this week for interviews which went swell! We have to go back to Budapest again this week for Zone Leader Council meeting but who doesn't love thick city traffic?!

We so far have 4 people set to be baptized between two families in just a few short weeks! They are all really excited and we're going to have a combined family night with both of them and some members tomorrow night! We're stoked for it. Who wouldn't be?

We met with a lady this week to present the stop smoking program to her. At first she seemed really closed off and acted like there wasn't a chance that it would work. After we went through it, however, she was really excited about it and was telling her family that she was going to totally do it and that it will be so great and all that jazz. I just think one of the most interesting things we get to experience in this work--watching people's demeanor just completely change within 10 minutes of talking with them. It's fascinating.

Well, I send everyone my love. I hope you got a kick out of the window story. I know I did. I know that rereading this entry would be awesome for you, but read out of The Book of Mormon for a bit then come reread it.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder
The inside of the incredible Cathedral that we were able to walk through this week.

New suit!!

Gotta love the Hungarian flag inside.