Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 55 (June 3-10, 2013)

Wow, this last week has been crazy. We're getting everyone set and ready for their baptism this Saturday! I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures of the beautiful event! We had a total of 39 programs this week which is absolutely nuts. Everyone is progressing well and I really love these people we're teaching.

We held a family night last Tuesday which was a huge hit! We had a bunch of investigators and members there and they all loved it! We sang, had spiritual thoughts, played games, and just talked! It was a blast and they all requested that we do it again this week.

So, our car's name is Evelin. (said the Hungarian way) And one of our investigator families thinks it's beyond hilarious that our car has a name. They always ask us, "how is Evelin doing today!?" They get the biggest kick out of it. They offered to clean Evelin with us over the weekend and we gladly agreed because using the vacuums at the gas station is expensive. They loved it. They were so excited to give Evelin a "bath" and we all had a great time together.

Speaking of our car, we were in Budapest this week... Oh and speaking of Budapest, the Danube River is flooding! It was insane to see it so high! Anywho, we were in Budapest and we needed to park our car. Budapest is MASSIVE and finding parking is not the easiest thing to find/do. So we found a huge "P" and drove right into the little garage. A man signaled us over to a little box looking place. We were extremely confused and just parked on this little platform thing. We got out of the car, and turned around to watch the "box's" doors shut, then we watched through a window as the platform raised our car up into a little slot! We were astounded! We had no idea that we had parked in such a place. All we could do was say, "ahhh!! What did they do with Evelin!?" It was great. It ended up fine. We returned to the garage a while later and the little platform picked up our dear Evelin and lowered her down to us.

I'm sure I'll have a lot of great stories for you all next week. I actually have to keep this email brief because for Elder Cox's last week, we are striving to DOUBLE the super standard requirements in every category. It's going to be insane but what a cool way to end your mission, right?

After teaching about the restoration to a lady this past week we simply asked her, "how are you feeling right now?" to which she replied, "this is so strange, I feel like I just want to start crying but I have absolutely no idea why! I feel really really happy but it's different than anything I have ever felt!" Thank you, Spirit!

I love you all! I've been a slacker in taking pictures lately, I'll send try to send a lot next week to make up for it! All is grand on my side of the waters. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Prayer works. Try it. Heck, mix it in with reading from the Book of Mormon and you've got yourself a recipe for happiness. The timer is set by your obedience.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder