Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 63 (July 30-August 5, 2013)

Ide jött az invázió.

Csak vicc... Ez egész nem annyira rossz.

So in my last email I failed to mention that while yes, Elder Nabrotzky and I are staying together, we also received two new Elders. They don't have an apartment yet, SO they are staying with us... Let's just say, it's a bit cozy. We love them and we have enjoyed the opportunity to work so very very literally close to them.

I'm catching the drift that a LOT more people read this blog thing than I expected. I'm sorry world, that I write very slangish and idiomatically. If you are some random person that happened to stumble upon this blog--Hello! I hope my writing isn't too annoying for you. But this is what I like about the blog--I'm so very free to write whatever I want! Why not be inspiring?

I'll tell you what, I LOVE testimony meeting. Especially here. Good earth, it's incredible. It always makes fasting so much more worth it. (Because as you know, it already is very worth it.)

So the Hungarians think that if you drink a beverage that is too cold, you'll catch a cold. I don't know where on earth they came up with such a thing. This wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't also a part of their culture to ALWAYS give bubbly water to a guest. So, in EVERY program we have and EVERYtime someone lets us in, we have to down a full glass or two of not only bubbly water, but warm bubbly water. In general, I'm not the biggest fan of bubbly water. All-in-all, there's nothing like tracting in 100 degree weather and having a big glass of warm carbonated water every now and then. Yummy.

It's sounding like lots of cool things are coming out in the world of technology... Heck, a lot of the things I get told about seems to go right over my head now. It makes me glad that I'm still here in Europe where most of the population still pulls a rope to flush the toilet.
We were able to help out one of the members here this week in picking apples. At one point, they brought out a massive tarp and had a few of us climb the tree and shake all the branches so the apples would just all fall down. It was pretty awesome to see all of these falling apples until I got hit in the head with a couple. (I was standing too close--teehee.) But isn't that why Newton became a genius?

While walking around the city last week, we were streeted by a man asking us when his family could attend our church. We gave him the information and said, "well, you know, we also meet with families personally and teach them about our church and about Christ." He was, of course, ecstatic and we were, of course, ecstatic as well.

So get this. While tracting, we knocked on a door, a lady opened it, and right after I said, "hello!" she responded with, "oh! Come right in!" We were a little confused but we followed her into her apartment. We sat down and she said, "you guys are Mormons, right?" "Yes we are!" we responded. She then proceeded to tell us, "I've been a member for 10 years, I sort of lost contact with the church after the Elders and Sisters stopped visiting me..." She was so happy that we had found her. We met with her once more after our first visit and she's planning on returning to church! What are the chances?

We were pleasantly surprised this week while teaching one of our rad families. This family's "family friend" who is always sure to be at the apartment when we're over there to teach asked us this week, "so, if I want to get baptized into Christ's true church... What exactly do I have to do, and when could it be?" Within 5 minutes we had a date all set and ready to go. She is really really excited. We've been meeting with all of them for about 2 months now. We're hoping it will domino to the rest of that family and that they too will be part of such a great event.

Hey, I love you all--even if you are a random person I've never met before.

For this next week, I want you all to hold The Book of Mormon in your hands, say a prayer, ask your Heavenly Father a question, randomly open to a page and point to a section. DAILY. Yea, yea, it's cliche BUT I wouldn't be suggesting it if it didn't work!

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder
Apple Picking!!