Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week 65 (August 12-22, 2013)

Jaj nekem. Végre tudok email-ezni.

Kraziness: Wow, so this week was wild. I was in Budapest all day yesterday for splits with the Assistants and for my interview with President. The day before that was the massive holiday and today we're going to be running to a program in about 15 minutes. Yikers. If I didn't reply to your email this week, don't stress, I will do so next Monday when everything is back to normal. This email will be brief but I hope you all enjoy it.

An Elevator Prayer: So, we get fed a lot by the people here. I love it. One day we were fed an abnormal amount. Every single program we had for the afternoon fed us. Most of them were by surprise. We couldn't eat it all so we would ask if they could wrap it up and we would take it home for later. By the time evening came along, we had quite the feast in the back of our car. Just bags and containers full of food. We were beginning to wonder how on earth we were going to eat all of this food.
Later in the evening, we had an open hour because someone cancelled on us. We had an undeniable feeling that we needed to visit one of the many families we visit with. As we walked into the door of their complex the mother and one of her 9 year old sons walked out of the elevator and we literally ran into each other. We said, "hey! We were just coming by to visit you guys! Where are you headed??" they didn't seem too happy like they usually are and they had a backpack on and said, "oh... right now we're just going on a walk..." We knew something was up so we talked to them for a bit and found out that they were really going to go dumpster diving for cans so that they can buy some bread to eat for the day because their payday wasn't for a couple more days.
So we said, "...follow us." Our car was parked pretty far away from their apartment and so we began to talk and walk. After about five minutes they asked, "where are we going!?" As they asked, we had just arrived to the car. We opened our trunk and loaded all of the food we had received the past few hours into their backpacks and we walked back with them. Words cannot describe the joy and relief they expressed to us. The mother later told us that she said a prayer while riding the elevator down that God would send someone to help them out in their tough situation. Which is so cool because as soon as they exited the elevator is when we literally ran into them.

Boo: So, like I said, not much time. I'll combine the rest of last weeks and this weeks happenings into one super email next week. It's gonna be great. I'll be sure to send lots of pictures next week because as of late I took like, a million.

As you all start to study from the textbooks of the world, don't forget to study the most important textbook to God and life. It's entitled The Book of Mormon. The best part is that it's not hundreds and hundreds of dollars AND it has the most/best information in it!

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder