Saturday, January 18, 2014

Week 88 (January 12-18, 2014)

Confirmation: I had the wonderful opportunity of confirming the Buda ward's newest member last Sunday. He was so excited and the confirmation went great! Giving blessings in a different language is quite the experience.

New Missionaries: We received 6 new Elders and 4 new Sisters this past week. We were able to pick them up to the airport, get them settled in the mission home, and take them on a beautiful tour of Budapest. It was a blast and a half! It made me remember my first day in the country with my APs. They are such a stellar group and they were so excited about everything. We had one missionary from Vienna, Austria. It was fun to talk to him for a little bit. He said he's been to Sopron a few times because it was always only about 20 minutes away from him. Elder Headrick drove the van from the airport with two of the Elders and I went with the rest of them in a shuttle. We gave all of the missionaries a Hungarian chocolate bar. (The kind with cottage cheese stuff inside.) They were all talking about how they didn't really like it. Heck, I didn't like it at all on my first day either. Now, I LOVE them. I eat at least one a day which isn't too healthy but... oh well. Anywho, they were talking about how they didn't really like it and the driver was like, "what? You guys don't like them!?" (it was in Hungarian so they didn't understand what he said) and I piped in and said, "I know! They're crazy, right?" and then he said, "woah wait, are you Hungarian?" and I said, "no, I'm from America like them." and he said, "but you speak Hungarian perfectly! You must have Hungarian parents or something." etc. etc. Then before I know it, I'm teaching him all about why we're here as missionaries, about The Book of Mormon, the Restoration, etc. The coolest part of the story is I happened to grab a copy of The Book of Mormon as we were heading to the airport that morning. So as he dropped us off at the mission home, I gave him a copy, we exchanged phone numbers and it made all the new missionaries who were with me SO stoked to finally be here, preaching the Gospel.

Transfer Calls: Tuesday morning Elder Headrick and I got to call the whole mission with their transfer calls. I've never had people pick up the phone so fast and so excitedly. It was fun to hear how excited/shocked people were. There were a lot of changes this transfer. Elder Bennett (whom I trained) is now a senior companion and he is serving with Elder Cox! He also became a district leader--he's doing so great!

I Don't Believe It!: Not the best words that a missionary hears but in this situation, they were a huge compliment. While tracting with Elder Headrick, we were let in by someone. We began telling them that we are American. They said, "so your parents are Hungarian?" and we said, "no, they are also American." They got all huffy and said, "well how are you able to speak Hungarian perfectly without an accent!?" and we said, "well, we love this language and we've just learned it while we've been here." "I don't believe it!" they said. "You speak without accents! It's perfect!" So we ended up having to show them our licenses from the U.S. to get them to believe us. It was pretty wild! We got that compliment a lot but this case was pretty radical.

Goodbye Elder Headrick: I sadly had to take Elder Headrick to the airport this week. I thoroughly enjoyed serving with him. We already know we're going to hang out after the mission as well. He's already sent me an email from his iPhone just to mess with me.

Hello Elder Miller: So I've known for a couple weeks now who my new companion will be! He is one group behind me. He's from Salt Lake and he's really smart and sporty. He works out like a mad man in the morning. While I'm doing my little, normal workout he's just going to town. We get along swell and he's already really enjoying his time as an assistant.

All is grand on my side of the waters. I hit my "4 months left" mark this next week. If that's not a disgusting thought--I don't know what is. It makes me sick to think about that. So--I won't!

I'm sure the shuttle driver has been reading from The Book of Mormon. Are you?
Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

The weather has been like spring lately!!
This came from the hike we went on with a family from the ward here.

Buda ward's newest member!
Baptized by Elder Headrick, confirmed by me.

My little Hungarian sisters asked me to draw them a horse and a puppy.

Goodbye Elder Headrick!