Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week 89 (January 18-25, 2014)

The Hungarian Language: So, I love this language. The Hungarians are very very proud of it. I thought I heard it all until we ran into a man while tracting this week. He went off for about twenty minutes about how Hungarian is the pure language that everyone spoke before the Tower of Babel. He showed us all sorts of books and articles about it. He said that everyone in the world spoke Hungarian until God mixed all the languages and that's how we have so many today. He proceeded to preach to us that if everyone in the world would learn Hungarian, it would solve every single problem and create world peace. Down right fascinating, I think. He didn't even seem impressed that we managed to learn it.

Customer Loyalty: I managed to get my customer loyalty card stamped 9 times at Gringos Amigos. I don't know if that's something to be proud of... but hey, I get a free meal next time! Sweet! (And mom, you can't get mad at me for this because you know that you have a deep love for fast food as well. I got it from you.)

In Our Humble Way: I was able to get a hold of the Saturday's Warrior soundtrack not too long ago. You know you've been in the field too long when you enjoy listening to those songs.

Desperate Prayer: For some reason or another, people have really liked to cancel our programs lately. I mean, we're pretty used to it because things come up but this past week was a little bit ridiculous. All of our programs were cancelling day by day. In desperate prayer, we asked Heavenly Father to guide us to a golden family. We drove out to where we have been tracting and I was busy making phone calls with members telling them that our programs were cancelled. I wasn't really paying attention to where we were walking. I thought I was following Elder Miller and he thought he was following me. We wound up at an apartment building and it didn't take us too long at all to be let in by an adorable little family that was very, very interested. They were so sweet and asked us all sorts of questions. Come to find out, they've been looking for a good church and organization to join. They said, "If you boys wouldn't have found us today, we might've just come to you sooner or later!" We're going back tomorrow afternoon!

Our Investigators in Canada: President Smith received an email from a Canada mission's president. He said that some of his Elders are trying to teach a couple who came from Hungary. The only problem was that the missionaries there don't speak Hungarian and this couple doesn't know English very well. We were able to arrange a skype session with them. Yesterday we started skyping them at 8 pm which was noon for them. We met the couple and they were so adorable and so prepared. They have children there in Canada who are already baptized and active members but they needed some missionaries to teach them the Gospel in Hungarian before they can get baptized. They told us that they love going to church and they always feel so good and peaceful. We explained that they feel the Spirit when they are there and they said, "OH! It makes perfect sense when you say it like that! We totally understand this now!!" They asked us the classic question, "I've already been baptized as a baby, why do I need to be baptized again?" So we were able to teach them about the restoration of the priesthood and the lady said, "oh wow! I'm getting goosebumps! It's so great to learn about this in my own language! I already know it's all true--I feel it in my heart!" It was also funny to see that Hungarians are always so similar no matter where they are in the world. For example, we asked when we could meet with them again over skype and they said that Monday wouldn't work at all because they're going to the doctors. (It's funny because if an older Hungarian person ever has a doctor appointment, it doesn't matter what time or for how long, they will NEVER set up an appointment with us for that day. No matter what.)

Alright my loved ones, it's time to head out. All is well over here! I'm loving every second of it.

You know what would be interesting? Reading The Book of Mormon backwards. I mean, like, starting with Moroni 10 and reading all the chapters chronologically in reverse until you get to 1 Nephi 1. Something to think about. Either way, it doesn't matter how you read it to me, just so long as you are reading it.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

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