Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Week 3

Week 3:
I just got done spending two straight hours with my district outside. We sat on a bunch of benches right outside of where ALL the new missionaries have to come out in order to drop their things off. As we sat there, we yelled "ELDER! ELDER! HEY ELDER!! WHERE YA GOIN?" and then whatever their response was we would all yell "AHHH!!! OOHHHH!!! AWEEEESSSOMMMEEEE!!" and it was fun to see all of their nervous faces crack a little smile. By far the best P-day activity. (It's a lot better than when we throw used, rolled up napkins into each other's empty cups at the end of dinner.) Anywho, it was a great time and we all plan to do it every week.
My district also loves our "Sunday Walks" and our favorite part about it is all the protesters that stand on the corners. We have to stand there and listen to them while we wait for the light to change so that we can cross the street. Once we get out of ear shot we make fun of whatever stuff they were yelling at us. We enjoy it.
I was given the opportunity to usher for the devotional last night (a member of the 70 spoke). It was fun to welcome everyone in but the spot they reserved for us to sit in was not a good spot for me because I was in sight of the sign language interpreters... I couldn't stop watching them! It was fascinating. Yet again, I'm easily amused. BUT it was a great devotional!
So, here's some more about the Hungarian language: One thing that I find hilarious is that in Hungary (because they HATE the French) when you want to tell some one to, "go to hell" (which I would never say) you literally say "go to France." I get the biggest kick out of that. The other weird thing we learned this week is that in Hungarian, there is no difference between a sentence that is a question and one that is a command. The only way you can make it a question is a certain voice inflection on a certain vowel in the last word of the sentence. It's way confusing and really critical when speaking. Without the voice inflection, "Will you be baptized?" turns into "You are going to be baptized." Odd stuff!
My companion and I have been doing really well with teaching and especially with our English speaking "investigator." In fact, in the last lesson we taught him, we were able to get HIM to pray. When we were done and he was giving us feedback, he said, "Wow Elders. You are the ONLY companionship that has gotten me to pray!" and that's because we were persistent and he said the reason he didn't want to is because he was afraid he would give a dumb prayer. So we were able to easily put him at ease and get him to pray.
I bought a mini whiteboard this week and I have enjoyed drawing little visuals before going in to teach lessons. (the plan of salvation that I drew is an example of that)
I also really enjoy going to the temple (we do it on the morning of our P-days) except our session STARTS at 6:30 am so we have to wake up even earlier. But it's still great!
Tomorrow is "csok Magyarol nap" which means "only Hungarian day" which means we can't speak any English all day. I think we are all going to be really good at charades by the end of the day (and Hungarian of course).
Tudom hogy, a Mormon Könyve igaz és Jézus Krisztus sabadito. Tudom hogy, az evangéliumat igaz. Isten és Jézus szeretek minket.
I don't know what the outcome of that will be if you put it through a translator. It would be 3 pages long if I didn't have a time crunch! Anywho, read The Book of Mormon. I'll write in another 7 days!