Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Week 4

Week 4:
Wow! I'm on week 5 now! Time is really passing quick.
I learned this week that Hungary is getting a new mission president. My district is the first group he'll have once we get there! We will be meeting him in the last week of this month and we are all super excited! We've heard from a lot of different (but reliable) resources that the mission president who is there right now is pretty relaxed and chill. But the new guy is going to be pretty darn strict and shape a lot of people up. It will be interesting to see!
I sang in the choir for the devotional last night. We sang "Be Still My Soul" and it was an awesome experience!
The ösi [oo-she] leave this week! (That means "acients" in Hungarian... It's what we call the older group going to Hungary) And THAT means that my group will no longer be the kicsis! [key-cheese] (That means "the littles") We are excited about that!
The ösi got their flight schedule this week. They are flying from SLC to Chicago then to London then to Budapest. Sounds like a pretty cool route! They just got done with their "consecration week" and they could only speak Hungarian for the entire week! Crazy stuff... but I'm excited to do that when the time comes!
Some things we learned about our mission is that we will be teaching at least one English class per week and the Elders eat at least 2 dinners per week at member's houses. I'm excited about that!
So the classroom my district is in is a little bit smaller than our dorm rooms. It's extremely tiny. There are 14 of us (including our teacher) who cram in there every day. We have two fans that are on high all day but it's still blazing hot. Anywho, I was trying to come up with a way to get us a new room or something like that. I did some research and I found out that according to the building's firecode, there can't be more than 12 desks in a room. So I got a copy of the resource and passed it along to the district leader... He's going to bring it up with some higher authority and hopefully get us a new room! We're going to play off the whole "Well, according to the white handbook, we need to obey the laws of the land. We feel we are not being exactly obedient when we are breaking the firecode." haha I get a kick out of that. I just think it's super lame when the English speakers with less people in their district (who are only here for 3 weeks) get a HUGE classroom with super nice padded seats, big desks, and a whiteboard while we get put in a tiny sana all day for 12 weeks.
Until this week, "TALL lab" was one of the most hated things we had to do during the day. It ended up turning into "Nap lab" for most of my district. This discouraged me because the lab is supposed to help us with learning the language. SO, I came up with "SUPER TALL!" (basically just all of us playing "around the world" with the flashcard feature in the lab on the the big screen) Anywho, it turned into everyone's favorite activity! We actually look forward to TALL lab everyday now and our teachers are amazed because we actually learn all of the vocabulary a million times better! So that was definitely a highlight of the week.
Everything is going grand with me! If you're reading this, chances are, I'd love to hear from you! And if you're reading this and haven't read The Book of Mormon today, turn off the computer and go read it! My district has had to literally PULL me away from mine the past week so that I could join them for meal time. Seriously--Read it.
Szeretettel, Alldredge Elder