Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Week 5

Hello all!
So not a lot really happened this week but nonetheless it was a grand week.
I do have one cool story: So this week my district thought it would be a good idea to try the "Tower Challenge" (basically where we all empty one entire tower of cereal) Those towers are pretty big. So we set the day for Saturday's dinner. We all walked in, each of us filled up 3-5 bowls of cocoa puffs and began draining the tower. I ate 5 bowls. People walking by thought it was CRAZY. We had about 6 people come by and ask if they could take a picture of it. It was quite the sight to see all those bowls of the same cereal. Any who, after 63 bowls of cocoa puffs we emptied the entire tower. As the last Elder was finishing his last bowl, a cafeteria worker came to our table, scolded us, went on about how it costs them MORE money when do something like that as opposed to getting a real meal. And THEN they kicked us out. By that time the last Elder finished so we didn't really care BUT it was still pretty dang awesome!
Something funny about the language is in Hungarian, when you want to say you're going to Hungary you have to literally say you're going ONTO Hungary not INTO Hungary. (Because they think they're so much higher and better than everyone else) haha so I would say I'm going into America but onto Hungary. I got kick out of that.
This past Sunday my companion and I were able to bless the sacrament in Hungarian. It was really cool and they had another Hungarian speaker up on the stand with us to make sure we do it correctly because obviously the Branch President couldn't do it.
We get to meet our mission president this Friday! We are very very excited! We're also hoping that all of these new mission presidents bring in an apostle or something for next weeks devotional!
During one of the afternoon gym times I had this week there were a million people playing soccer and it got crazy so I went and played softball instead. After the mini try-outs, my team made me be the pitcher. About 40 minutes into the game, I pitch it to an Elder and he line drives the ball right into my shoulder. It came back so fast I didn't have time to dodge it. I was able to get up and finish the game but it hurt like crazy! I have a nasty, nasty bruise. (Pictures soon to come)
On my way to play soccer yesterday the MTC P.E. instructor challenged me to a game of Ladder Golf. I have never played that in my life but I said "why not?" So before we started he said "Okay, if I win, I get your shoes." I thought he was kidding so I agreed. I actually didn't lose TOO bad for it being my first time but he obviously won... by a lot. At the end of the game he seriously made me give him my shoes! So he wore my favorite red vans around... so I had to go play beach volleyball because I had no shoes. Pretty odd.
OH! and after two days, I was able to memorize the entire account of the first vision in Hungarian! I was the second Elder in my district to do it. But I'm glad I have it down already!
All of the new Hungarians come in next week! My district and I are looking forward to that!
If you haven't read the Book of Mormon today--Do it.
Alldredge Elder