Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Week 10

Week 10 (And LAST full week at the MTC):
Szervusztok Mindenki!!
In 5 days I will be flying from the Salt Lake City Airport and taking a direct flight to Paris, France (Chas De Gaulle). And after hanging out in France for a few hours we will then fly to Budapest, Hungary!!!! Our flight leaves at 4:30. So I will be out of here right after lunch on Monday!! I. Am. So. Very. Extremely. Excited!!
I'm the "Travel Leader" on the way to Hungary. (It's not because I'm special, it's just because I came first in the alphabet) It's going to be interesting to have to take care of 11 other 19 year-old boys get on and off of planes without any trouble. They're all great/responsible Elders though--So let's hope this goes smooth.
Good earth. Speaking just Hungarian all week was killer. It was pretty difficult and frustrating at first but after the third day, it was a blast and a lot easier! Thanks to the Lord, I think we were all able to get a whole lot better at the language.
Wearing just one tie all week drove me way more crazy than I thought it would. I'm excited to be able to wear a different tie tonight for class. (Good earth you know you're a missionary when you say a sentence like that.)
Nothing super exciting happened this week. My companion and I finished our last lessons with 2 out of our 4 investigators. We will be completely finished tomorrow. Friday is "In-Field Orientation" and I'm really excited for that.
I have loved my experiences at the MTC but I'm ready to move on to Hungary so I can teach the Hungarian people this wonderful gospel and source of unlimited happiness. We learned that our first Sunday in Hungary we will all be sharing our testimonies in Hungarian in a sacrament meeting. So we've had to spend a lot of class time lately practicing and making sure we know what in the world to say and how to say it.
I got another haircut today! It's basically a buzz-cut. Which is a little radical for me, but heck, I kinda like it and it's much nicer for the summer weather.
If you plan to send me any letters/DearElders today and tomorrow will probably be the last time to send them before I'm off and away on Monday.
What am I most nervous/scared for once I get into Hungary you ask? What a great question. Here is the answer:
Nervous about speaking the language? No. My two companions will help me with that (The Spirit and my Trainer).
Nervous about the culture? No. If it's like the rest of Europe--I know I'll love it.
Nervous about the food? No. I ate a whole can of raw spam in a "spam eating contest"-- you can't get much worse than that.
Okay so here's what it is--What I'm actually most worried about is my Trainer not working me to death and not pushing me the hardest I can go. That's honestly it. I hope he stretches me like crazy and is super strict and precise. That's all.
Anywho, I hope you all are doing wonderful. I don't know when I'll send my next email. And it's super odd to think that I'll be doing it in some Hungarian library or computer center. BUT--I will send another email as soon as I am able to.
And as always, read The Book of Mormon. Not because I said to--But because God's prophet and God himself asked you to.
Alldredge Elder