Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Week 8

Week 8:
Sziasztok mindenki!
Good earth, it's crazy to think that I'm on week 9 now!
Today I was finally able to get my haircut (I haven't gotten it since being here because the last three weeks they were either booked or closed on my P-day because all of the Elders leaving soon get first priority). My hair was getting pretty long, but now it's nice and super short again. Oh, and this is random but I was in the laundry room just now and there was some film crew there and they filmed me loading my clothes up in the the washer? (kicsi forcsa [little weird]) I wasn't able to see where they were filming for BUT if you see me on the news tonight or something let me know!
Next week starts consecration week. This entire week our teachers will only speak Hungarian to us. Then next week we are supposed to speak Hungarian 24/7. We can't speak English at anytime, to anyone for that whole week. I'm actually really excited for it! I think it's going to be a blast and it'll force me to get a lot better at the language.
My district versed another district in our famous "Friday Night Kickball". It was once again loads of fun... Now that I think about it, a bunch of 19 & 20 year old men running around playing kickball probably looks pretty odd to the people driving by. BUT you gotta do what you gotta do.
It's also really weird to think that this time last year I was actually in Europe. Soon, I'll be returning--but for a completely different reason and I will have a completely different experience.
In class this week we focused a lot on teaching the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity... I think our teachers had a fun time telling us some interesting stories about teaching these two points in Hungary. It's pretty intimidating. It's where most Hungarians have the hardest time. But a little challenge is always healthy--right?
I thought learning how to tell time this week would kind of give us a break from this extremely difficult language. But no, even telling time is a pain. First they go by the 24 clock (which isn't that bad). But then they do everything opposite from English (once again). For example, If you want to say it's 3:15. You wouldn't say, "It's Three Fifteen" You'd say, "It's Three Quarters to Four"... they measure everything according to the next hour. So 12:30 would be "Half to One" and so on.
One thing that gets the me the worst in Hungarian is the word "with". If you ever want to say the word "with" in Hungarian, you have to change the end of the word that you want the word "with" to be used for. For example, in prayers you would say, "bless us the spirit with" And it's not that you just add something to end of the word--you actually change the word. According to what the last few letters are you have to decide which way you need to change it. BUT I will not get discouraged. I will learn through the spirit how to perfect this crazy language.
Fun Fact: The Rubik's cube was either started in Hungary or a Hungarian man made it... maybe both. I can't remember.
We've also lately been focusing on our streeting skills. It's been loads of fun to practice "streeting" here. It basically means  we get to walk around the MTC and find either other Elders in the district or our Teachers to teach while walking "on the street." We were able to do it in English the other day and it was a blast, I just talked to everyone and even went into the bookstore and shared some messages with some of the cashiers! As I walked out one of the cashiers said "wow, that was beautiful" Haha I got a good kick out of that.
Anywho, things are going great here. Wait, what's that? You haven't read the Book or Mormon yet today? So you're telling me you haven't participated in the simple yet life changing act of reading from a book that men have died for and others are dedicating their lives to share? I see something wrong here--Don't you? Yeah. Do it.
Alldredge Elder