Friday, September 21, 2012

a letter from the senior missionaries

Our family got an email from the Sister missionary, who is serving with her husband, in the area that Cameron just got transferred to. Here are some things that she said and some pictures she sent:

"Hello, We are the Flammers and we are lucky enough to get to serve with your son in Sopron. He just arrived here last week but he had jumped right in with the work here in the branch. You should be very proud of the kind of missionary you have raised. He is learning a lot about the Hungarian culture and language living with Elder Abrok.  
We are from Providence, next to Logan and have been in Sopron since last January. We love it here and also love the people in our branch. We are called as member leadership support missionaries which includes a little bit of everything. 
We have been visiting members and trying to get everyone coming to church again, but I must say that it has been the most discouraging part of our mission. I was wondering if we were making any difference to any one being here. Then President Smith emailed us just a line from your sons letter and it made my day. He said how happy he was to be in Sopron and how much he loved working with us! Onward and upward. He is fun to feed.
 I wanted to send you a few pictures of your missionary. The first pictures is when he served in Szombathely and came to Soporn for district meeting and we got to feed all the district elders at our home. He did splits with Elder Bowen and we had a house warming party for two sisters who are scheduled to be baptized soon. It was a tiny apartment. Because we had district meeting in Szombathely last Saturday, Elder Alldredge called and asked if we could bring his luggage back with us so he did not have to take it all the way to Budapest and back to Sopron. It was a tight fit but we did it. The last pictures are of Elder Flammer teaching him how to play his ukulele. It is so much fun to serve with such great missionaries.
Thank you for raising such a great missionary. 
Flammer Nover (Sister Flammer)"