Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 5

Sziasztok Mindenki!

This week, while on splits, I was able to meet with a family from our branch who has a bunch of little kids. They were so fun and they absolutely love the missionaries. It was the first time I've been able to do a program with children since being here. Elder Bullock and I had a fun lesson planned for them with some games and candy and they loved it! It was really fun to do. After the lesson, while the parents finished preparing dinner, the little boys dressed us up with hats and army stuff and we played this little "gun game" with us and they got the biggest kick out of when we would pretend to die when they shot us! It was a blast. For dinner we had "Lángos" which is a popular Hungarian meal. It's basically scones, with a little sour cream, then shredded cheese on top! It's super duper good and for sure on my list of favorites so far!

Yesterday we had some Austrians in church visiting another family in our branch. Some shared their testimonies with us with a translator. It was really interesting to hear German translated into Hungarian! Basically from one language I don't know... to another that I don't know (but not as much as I don't know the first).

It's been raining here a lot lately... But the leaves are changing colors which is exciting! I'm being told often that it looks really pretty here in the Fall. 

Elder Shipp and I traveled to a place called "Zala" the other day to meet with an investigator. Zala is an hour away by train so it's really hard for the missionaries to meet with her. But she's made tons of progress! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she said she is willing to be baptized! We're working hard on getting the details figured out and it's hard because she's so far away... but that was an awesome part of my week!

It was good to get back in the normal swing of things this week. School started today for everyone so it'll be interesting to see how that effects the work!

Since there's not too much to write about this week, (because it was mostly spent tracting and such) I'll share a funny story:
While on the street, we were just talking to everyone we passed. I stopped a teenaged boy who looks kinda like a trouble maker and in Hungarian I introduced ourselves and then I asked him if he would want to TEACH about Christ instead of if he wanted to LEARN about Christ. With a confused look he replied, "um... no?" and then walked off. THEN I realized what I had said. In my defense the words for teach and learn are similar... kind of. Oh well! I thought you might all get a kick out of it!

Anywho, have a question about anything? Read The Book of Mormon. The answer is in there--I promise. Really though... Read it.

Tovabbi szép napot!
Alldredge Elder
Or as the Hungarians say, "Ol-dered-guh Elder" (they have the hardest time with my name, I feel bad sometimes)