Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 8 (Sept. 17-24, 2012)

 The pretty city of Sopron

 Waffle Night!!!
Ez volt egy nagyon jó hetet!

As Elder Ábrók has been making calls this week, I have enjoyed reading over old Teaching Records. Some are rad and funny, but I came across one I thought was funny enough to share. So the last time this investigator met with the missionaries was in 2010 and the for the last visit, the missionaries wrote: "He met Satan and gave him a hug. He loves Satan so if you don't want him to eat your soul, DON'T MEET WITH HIM!" Oh man, I got a big kick out of that. The things missionaries write on those things are too funny.

In better news, I get to participate in my first baptism this Saturday! I'm super super excited! I've been able to teach this investigator a bunch since being here. It's going to be really cool because it's going to take place in a hotel pool! I'll have to tell you about it next week!

I was able to take 2 pretty big steps this week: the first was when I translated a spiritual thought from English to Hungarian for a Branch activity for our senior couple here. It was actually pretty fun! The second was during splits on Saturday. A Branch member called and asked if we could give her a blessing because she's having work done on her leg. Ábrók Elder had another appointment to go to so I had to go over and give the blessing in Hungarian. It was a really, really cool experience! I'm lucky I was given the chance to be able to do that already in my second transfer.

This week I've been doing some extreme language study. Ábrók Elder just sits me down and says, "Okay, teach me the first lesson." Then when I finish he says, "Okay, do it again, but say different things." Then after that, he says, "Good, now do it again." By the end, my brain is completely fried. BUT I know it's helping me. Slowly but surely. I'm lucky that he's being very patient with me.

For a Branch activity this week, we had "Waffle Night!" It was super fun! I can't even remember the last time I ate waffles. And these Hungarians know how to make them great by putting lots of Nutella on top of them! It was grand!

We also had a zone training this week in Györ. It was great! I learned a lot and then we did a little streeting practice as a zone. We were paired up into new companionships for the streeting activity and within our new companionships we had to create a goal, then go out and try to achieve it. My companion and I decided we wanted to stop someone on the street, teach them about the living prophet, then give them a Liahona Magazine about the prophet. We were able to do it! It took about 8 rejections to finally make it happen, but the guy we stopped was super nice and open about it! It was a really neat experience!

On a side note: there are these things called "tie bags" in most of the apartments here in the mission. It's just a garbage sack FULL of hundreds and hundreds of neckties. I've made a goal to wear a different "tie bag tie" everyday this transfer. So, if you see some hideous ties in some of my pictures, you'll know where they came from.

Yesterday, we had a District Conference with three branches. We all met in Szombathely so it was soooo so so cool to see all of my old friends and the people I knew in Szombathely. Anna (the one who was really sad that I had to leave) was so cute, she had me sit next to her for the conference and she wouldn't let go of my hand when I we shook hands to say goodbye. I love all of these people here in Hungary. I was able to talk with them all after the conference and it was just a really rad thing even though I had only been gone for 2 weeks.

Anywho, great things are happening. I hope all is well with every single one of you.
Don't forget that you're never alone. Have faith. Show love.
AND make your day by reading out of The Book of Mormon.

Alldredge Elder