Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 27 (January 28-Feb.4, 2013)

 The beautiful view.

 The Pécs Gang

 Pécs streets

 Some cool ruins we came across.

 City Lights!!


 Awesome famous Church

 A random padded door?

 Tracting time

 Matching ties.

Szervusztok Mindenki!
Mi a palya??

Good earth! Another crazy week! We were actually able to achieve the
mission 'super standard' again! It came down to the very last few hours
last night. We've decided to go for it again this next week! Exciting!

During this week, the monthly cleaning lady came and deep cleaned our
whole apartment. That. Was. So. Rad. We thought we had been doing a
really good job on keeping it up, but it wasn't until the entire place
was absolute perfection that we realized how far we were from clean.

We were able to do a lot of tracting this week which is always a good
time. For some random reason this week, Elder Smith and I were asked
to sign the inside of a copy of The Book of Mormon by someone. Get
this, we were asked by three other people during the week to do that.
I've never done it before and then it happens four times in one week!
As we were writing our names, one older lady explained, "I'm going to
write my name in it after I read it, then give it to my children, who
will give it to their children, who will give it to their children!"
It was super cute.

Also while tracting, we came across a doorbell that said "Kovács
József" which directly translates to "Joseph Smith." We were super
excited, but the man who answered the door wasn't really having any part of
it. Just before he closed the door we yelled, "Wait!! There's
something funny we want to show you." He reopened the door and we
said, "This book we have was translated by a prophet whose name was
Joseph Smith... That's your exact name in English!" To our surprise,
he chuckled and said, "Really?? ...Can I read that book?" Ahhh... So

We took a random bus and got off at a random stop this week and went
tracting at the first place we saw. We ended up going clear up the
side of a mountain and we tracted around some really nice, big houses
up on one of the hills. It was so rad! The view was so pretty. It's
been about 65 degrees this past week. Nice, sunny, and just beautiful!
We haven't even needed to wear our coats for a while. BUT we helped a
member move on Saturday and as luck would have it, that's when Pécs
decided to have a huge rainstorm. I have always wondered how
Hungarians move all of their furniture up and down the tiny, steep
stairs of their apartment buildings. Not only did I find out how, but
I was able to experience it... Yay for the 4th floor!

The senior couple for our area is taking Elder Smith and I out to
dinner tonight for getting Super Standard. We're going to Sushi!!
We're stoked.

It's already February! Wow, that's just crazy.

Really, things are going great for me here. The secret to the best
time attainable during a mission is work. It might sound cliche but
it's too true. We collapse on our beds every night unable to even think
straight. I wouldn't have it any other way.

The many pictures attached to this should be able to explain my
adventures for the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Read your favorite verse out of The Book of Mormon. Right about now
would be a great time.

Alldredge Elder