Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 31 (Feb.25-March 3, 2013)

 The big day!! Us with László.

 The young women... Plus Bence
 Elder Christensen and I in the main square

 The famous lock wall.

 Locked inside the cage!!

 Youth activity

 The whole family on Saturday

 Beautiful city sunset!

I just wanted to be annoying.

The baptism happened last week! Yay! It was so incredible. I'm so happy for him and his family. I was asked to give the opening prayer and a surprise talk while he was getting changed. It was seriously so great. I was also one of the witnesses! What a great experience. Then yesterday I stood in the circle to give him the Holy Ghost. I loved every bit of it! When meeting with him afterward, I asked him how he felt about all of it. He described it as all feeling very natural. He related it to holding his children in his arms for the first time after they were born--just a very natural feeling. What a great explanation! 

It's crazy to think that I got my call over a year ago! I did not know that it was going to be THIS great when I opened that envelop and read where I was headed off to.

Our super standard streak however, was broken this week. We were just one number short of super standard and that was having investigators at church. I texted them all Saturday and Sunday morning and we were planning on 8 but only 1 actually showed up... Bummer, but we're bouncing back strong this week and trying for it again.

I guess I didn't give much more information about my new companion! He's from Logan and he's such a great, hard worker. I've loved serving with him so far. He's really into sports. Namely basketball, tennis, and volleyball. Like I said, he's a super relaxed and chill guy. I'm pretty sure if I walked up to him and kicked him in the shin right now he wouldn't even say anything. I won't try it... but I am kind of interested in what he would do, I'll be honest. Anywho, he's a super stellar guy and I'm really enjoying serving with him.

We had a funny experience this week where we got locked in some sort of foyer of a building. I've never seen anything like this before but there was some sort of cage door that let people in and out of the building. We timed it poorly and left the building as some other people were coming in. The cage door locked itself after the people entered so we couldn't open that door, so we turned around to open the actual doors to the building but those too had locked themselves. We were literally stuck in a cage. I managed to be able to reach my arm through the slots and I just started pushing peoples call box buttons until someone unlocked the door from their apartment. Crazy time!

We had a new guy in our English class this past week who had to have been the most animated person I have ever met. He's was hilarious! As he was trying to speak English his hands and arms were going all over the place and his face was priceless. Every time we would help him with a word he'd say, "OH YEA!! OHHH! YES YES! OH THAT'S THE WORD!" It was awesome.

On Saturday we met with a couple who are in their 70's. We walked up the stairs because we weren't sure what floor they were on and we didn't want to miss their door. They ended up being on the 8th floor and when we finally got there we were pretty out of breath so the husband took us to the elevator and seriously taught us how to use it! It was super funny. They were such a sweet old couple.

There was also a really fun youth activity this week where we all make our own little props and took a bunch of pictures together! I'll be sure to send a few of them. It was super fun and they youth really enjoyed it! Great times.

Well, that's about it for me!! Everything is going great here. We're all happy and healthy.

I don't want you to read from The Book of Mormon this week... I want you to study from it. There's a difference.

Alldredge Elder