Monday, March 18, 2013

week 33 (March 11-18, 2013)

Sziasztok Mindenki!

Before I forget: Next week I will be emailing on Tuesday. We get our transfer calls next week. I really REALLY hope I will be able to stay in Pécs another transfer! 

Also: The place I usually upload my pictures is being lame today and not working... Bummer because I had a lot of rad pictures for this week. BUT I will just send double next week.

Hungary got hit with a HUGE blizzard this past week. I guess thousands of cars were stranded, there were tons of accidents and a few people died. We had to walk out in it for a bit to get to a program we had. The wind was insane! You couldn't look up, and it was snowing sideways. While walking on the street, if we hit a patch of ice the wind would sometimes start to push us down the street! Some places got over a meter of snow. Bleh, it was horrible. The weather is supposed to be getting better here this week, thank goodness.

Last Tuesday, I completed my life long dream (since being on my mission) to give a pass-along card to someone as they ride by on a bike. It was a HUGE accomplishment for me. I've tried several times to do this, but when you hold a little card out to someone passing on a bike and they don't take it, you look pretty dumb. SO, while we were walking down a hill, a guy on his bike was pedaling his way up. I held out the card as we passed and he TOTALLY took it and said "thanks!" as he rode away! IT WAS SO AWESOME!

Speaking of awesome things, while tracting the other day an old lady answered the door and said the English equivalent of, "sup dudes!?" it made my day. It caught me way off guard because I was just about to start formalizing her. I had to stop and laugh for a second after I realized what happened. She was super cute and nice!

On Friday, the branch held a Ping Pong Tournament. It was loads of fun! One of the members in the presidency has played with the Bishop in Kecskemét who is actually a professional ping pong player!! So, he killed the competition to say the least. Elder Christensen ended up getting second place! He's so awesome! The only thing I won was the tie contest on the side... I was the fastest. (woot)

I don't know how to transfer into this story, so here it goes: This week, we set up to meet with a guy we found on the street. He gave us an address of where to meet him and he said he'd be on the second floor in the building. When we arrived at the address, we found ourselves at a HUGE office building. We walked in and went up to the second floor where we were met by a really nice secretary who sat us down in a massive office and asked what we wanted to drink. We just said water so she brought us this super fancy water in these glass bottles. (so rad) A few minutes later the man walked in with a super nice suit and the secretary brought him his coffee and we ended up teaching this really important boss guy right in his office! Crazy experience. He was really super cool though and wants to come to church with his family next month.

We also met with another man this week who is progressing really well. We brought a member with us who is around his same age (they're both in their low 50's). As we started the program, the two men were formalizing each other, sitting very proper, and all that jazz. Within 40 minutes, without us saying a single word yet, their chairs were pointed into each other and they were sitting back and all relaxed with their feet up, (we were on the other side of a coffee table) and they were just chatting it up! They were telling jokes, and having a grand old time. It turned out that they see the same doctor and they were just shooting the breeze. After about 50 minutes I think they realized that we were there too and remembered why we all had gathered in the first place. It was just really funny to watch this friendship develop right in front of us. Which is good, because now the investigator will know someone really well when he comes to church next week!

On a spiritual note, we met with a different man this week for the first time. We had tracted into him and we were able to get in contact him and set up for this past week. We started from the beginning and taught him the Restoration. After reciting the first vision, I starred him right in the eyes and testified while imagining him tearing up... it totally worked! I just kept going until tears started coming out of his face. Yay for the Spirit! We'd be nothing without it.

Once again, I'm sorry there's no pictures for this week... I know you all wanted to see my cute face.

Read Alma 36. It's pretty much the best conversion story of all time.

Much love,
Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder