Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 77 (November 4-12, 2013)

Transfers: Much to our surprise, but to our great pleasure, all of the zone leaders stayed the same this transfer! This means I will actually be killing Elder Ábrók. He will be going home to Debrecen in four weeks. I have to be a murderer--again! We're pumped for it. At the end of this transfer, I will have served with Elder Ábrók for 20 weeks of my mission! I couldn't have picked a better Elder to serve with for this long.

"He's only 20 years old...?": So yesterday we tracted into a lady who is in her 90s and her hairdo reminded me of Albert Einstein's hair. As we spoke she said, "you sound funny! Where are you from!?" I replied with, "I'm from America."
She sat their silently for a moment then asked, "did you flee to America in '56??" I looked to Elder Ábrók and gave him that "I understood the words they said--but I don't think understood what they said" kind of look and he looked at her and said, "no... he's only 20 years old?" (So I did understand her correctly.) She looked at me for a while then said, "my dear goodness!! I thought you were older!! I can't see very well, nor hear very well. I think it was your nice suit and tie that threw me off."
If you think the camera adds 10 pounds, try the suit--it adds 40 years.

An Interesting First Lesson: The Law of Chastity isn't the first thing we usually teach to investigators but we had a program this week were we did just that. We were meeting with a girl who is actually really looking for the truth in her life. We taught her about the Restoration and she ate it up. She even came to church on Sunday and absolutely loved it. At the end of our very first meeting with her, she was curious about our standpoints on marriage and dating and all that jazz. I don't know how the Spirit did it--but we were able to teach about the Law of Chasity to a teenage girl that made her go, "wow... that is so beautiful!! I hope my husband has these same kind of standards." 
I don't remember a lot of detail about what we said. I just remember we said things like, "even though we don't know who our wife is yet, we love and respect her so much. To the point where we are willing to wait for her. She deserves all of us and the best of us. She deserves to be our first and we know things will work out because we will have a relationship that is deeper than a physical one. We know that if we live by this law, we will be able to show our wife we respect and love her and our relationship will be strong and we will be a happy family--for eternity" So on and so forth. I guess it does sound pretty cute when you put it like that---in reality, that's what it is.
(I think I messed up the correct English possession in this paragraph--obviously we won't have the same wife. I don't know, maybe it's correct. Whatever. You get the picture.)

Well, time has once again escaped me. You probably often feel like this too. I'm estimating that reading this blog entry took less than 5 minutes for you. If you spend just thatmuch time everyday reading from The Book of Mormon, you will find happiness and peace. Spiritual peace and happiness. (You know, the best kind.)

Cool, well, I love you all. I am loving my time here. I'm learning more and more each day and I. LOVE. THIS. COUNTRY. and I LOVE. THESE. PEOPLE.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

We were near the river for a program the other night.

So pretty.

We found 2 canes in a dumpster by our aparmtent. We've enjoyed them.