Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 79 (Nov.18-25, 2013)

Kellemes Hálaadás!!

I have my Christmas music ready to be played starting this Friday.

By the way...: While tracting, we were rejected by an older lady at the door. As we were waiting at the next apartment, she reopened her door and said, "by the way... you boys look really cute..."
It made our day.

Drunken-ness: I have had a lot of experiences that have taught me why the Word of Wisdom exists and why it's important. (Just from what I've seen not what I've done.) We had two occasions this week where drunk men have wandered into the branch house, seeking help, while we were there. One man came in during an RCLA so we sat him down with us and he seemed normal and interested then he started the conversation with, "I think... I am really really really really REALLY drunk..... and people are trying to kill me. Two men have been trying to kill me." We were able to talk to him for a while and taught him about prayer. I don't know if he remembered it the next day, but he seemed to really really like it while he was there with us. For sure one of the strangest programs of my life.

Satisfaction: With not much time to write in detail about my week, I decided to give you all a little snippit from the zone training we conducted this week. We talked a lot about satisfaction. Mostly in missionary work but it is also applicable in our everyday lives. I was thinking about what we could do/say to help these missionaries work more/more effectively/plan better. I realized that, if they are completely satisfied with the work they are doing right now, they won't want to change, because they wont feel the need to change, therefore, they won't change. So we had them think about if they were satisfied with the work that they do week by week. Would God be satisfied with the same performance? Would parents and family think that this is the best they could possibly do? (They know these missionaries better than we do.) Satisfaction is an interesting thing. If we meet our own standards, where ever they may be, we will be happy--right? The same is true in life: Are you satisfied? Are you satisfied with how you learn? Work? Associate with others? Love? Live? If not, you will be unhappy. The only person keeping yourself from being satisfied is yourself. Be sure to make sure your level of satisfaction is the same as your Heavenly Father's.

All is fantastic with me over here!! I love you all so much!

As you feast on Thanksgiving delights this week, be sure to feast even MORE on The Book of Mormon. It's delicious.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

The little sign on the little door says "the entrance is the other door"