Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week 91 (Feb. 1-7, 2014)

Milyen remek ez a hét vége!
Hospital in the Rock: Last P-Day, Elder Miller and I went to a super rad museum about a hospital that they dug out in the side of the hill that Buda Castle sits on. It was super rad! We took the hour long tour in Hungarian and the guide/other group members were astonished that we could speak and understand Hungarian. They used this hospital during the wars and it was filled with all of the old medicine and doctor stuff. It looked pretty sketchy to me so it made me grateful for modern medicine. The place was filled with wax figures and they weren't afraid to show how bad some of those wounds and cuts were. It was almost like a haunted house. But I loved it!

Farsang Party: 'Tis the season of Farsang. It's like Halloween in the sense that people dress up. The Buda ward celebrated it this week with an awesome party. They had a "Ki Mit Tud" which is basically a talent show. We had dancers, singers, instruments, and it was a blast! We ended the night with eating lots of doughnuts. (It's tradition!) 

Miracle Family: The last member of the miracle family (in Miskolc) is getting baptized today! I'm so proud of her and I know it will be an incredible experience for her. She was the one that first let us into their apartment on the first day that we met! I remember it so clearly. Yay for baptism!

Return x2: I was called this week and asked to perform a baptism for a man I found and taught while serving in Kispest. I will be returning once again to Kispest and baptizing him after church. Yay for baptism! ...again!

Mission Leadership Counsel: Elder Miller and I gave a training this week to the zone leaders. We talked about obtaining and using "spiritual power" as missionaries. We drew a remote control and we had everyone add functions and buttons to make it a "missionary remote". We had "on demand" which was the Spirit. We had toggles for work and love. We had buttons for obedience, positivity, and unity. The little transmitter thing was teaching and the batteries were our energy. The whole thing was a touch screen because "we gotta look good!" The most important button, however, was the POWER button! The missionaries had a fun time creating this remote and we all learned a lot.

It's All Thanks to YOU!: While tracting the other day (I swear, everything happens while tracting) we ran into a large family. They were very humble people and they explained to us their difficult situation. A lot of the adults were out of work and there were about 10 kids total. We told them that all we could really do to help them is pray with them and for them. We left with a prayer, blessed them and their home, then headed out. A couple days later, we were in the area where we met this family. One of the family members ran up to us and asked, "were you coming back to us right now!?" (we were just going to go tracting so we said, "uh... of course!") We walked into the apartment and they all gathered around us then started thanking us deeply for the prayer we said for them. They were saying things like, "ever since we let you boys in and you said that prayer, TONS of great things have been happening to us! We all found work and we have money! Everytime something good happens we know it's only because of you boys and your prayer!! We always pray to God and give him thanks and we thank him for sending you to us!!" They sent one of the older kids to run to the store to buy everyone juice and soda to share with us. It was incredible to see how humble they were and they recognized that they got the assistance straight from God.

All is great on my side of the waters. We have had some incredible lessons this week with some incredible people. The Spirit will always guide us when we allow it to.

Tudom, hogy A Mormon könyvének a benne lévő üzenete igaz. Tartalmazza Isten szava. Olvasd el! Kérlek.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

Making dinner with the little ones

Farsang party!