Saturday, February 22, 2014

Week 93 (February 15-22, 2014)

Esik az eső ma... legalább nem esik a hó.

Transfers: On Tuesday we had the opportunity to call all the missionaries and inform them about where they will be serving and with who. I get a kick out hearing their reactions. In 3 weeks we will have another "big" transfer where the new group of missionaries come in. It's going to be fun to see what happens!

Farewell: I was able to see off my old companion, Elder Nabrotzky this week. We took him and his group out on a tour of the city then drove them all to the airport early Thursday morning. Being at the airport hasn't really bugged me so far until this week. It really got to me. Just thinking about how soon I was going to be there to board that plane that would take me away from here really put me on a spin.

Tracting Fun: While tracting the other day we had 4 different old ladies tell us that we look cute! I'd say that's pretty good for just one day!

Old Folks Home: We had a handful of random people lately suggest we go to one of the old folks home here in the city. We finally decided to give it a try. Why not, right? We set it all up and when we got there this week we had five little old ladies waiting for us to hear what we had to say. We sat around a little table and talked with all of them. They said a lot of really cute/funny things. They told us about their families and we talked about eternal families. We gave the ones who could still see and read a copy of The Book of Mormon and they were thrilled! It was definitely a neat experience for us and they seemed to have really enjoyed us there with them. If we go back, I think we'll talk about the spirit world... NO! Not because they're close to going there, but because they have a lot of loved ones already there waiting for them.

My Challenge to You: As a mission, we are striving to ask the people we meet with if there is anyone they know who we can specifically pray for. It brings us closer to the people we teach because they feel we really care about them and their loved ones. It brings a special spirit when you pray for people by name and by specific situation. SO, my challenge to you is, as a parent, as a home teacher, as a visiting teacher, as a Sunday school teacher, as a leader, BEFORE you say a... közös ima... what is that in English?! Um... before you say a prayer with other people, make an effort to ask the question, "who do you know that we could pray for? Who is out of work? Sick? Going through a trial? Needs comfort? Etc." and then, by name, pray for those people. I promise, you will love it and you will see blessings.

All is great on my side of the waters. (Maybe you're reading this and you are on my side of the waters! Weird!) I hope all is well with all of you.

Read the testimony of Joseph Smith this week. It's the one in The Book of Mormon before 
1 Nephi starts. But don't stop there. Read on.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

Elder Headrick sent me this picture of us together. Great companionship!

Elder Nabrotzky's last night in Hungary

I like how this one turned out

Old Folks Home