Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 9 (Sept.24-Oct.1)

Remélem, hogy mindannyian nagyon boldogok!

This week I was able to participate in my first baptism in Hungary! Good earth, it was beautiful. We baptized a single lady who is in her 20's. She's really nice and she was so happy and excited about her special day on Saturday. She was found by the missionaries before I moved into Sopron. I had the opportunity to be able to teach her 6 lessons leading up to her baptism. It was such a great experience! It took place in a hotel swimming pool right next to our branch house. Our branch president did the actual baptism. Ábrók Elder and I were able to be the witnesses. Wow. Such an awesome experience.

Earlier this week, we took a bus to a little village on the edge of the city. The city was absolutely beautiful and our investigator took us to some cool sights and an awesome castle when we got off the bus. The lesson we had with him went well but he had a HUGE slobbery dog in the room with us the whole time. It would walk between us all trying to get attention. It was getting hair and slobber all over me so I tried to pet it as far away from myself as I could. It decided to sneeze the biggest snot rocket any dog has ever seen--all over my pants, shirt, tie, and arms. It was disgusting. To top it off, the lesson ended about 45 minutes after that, so I just had to sit there with it all over me. Yuck.

The zone leaders visited our companionship this week for some splits. Since Ábrók Elder doesn't do any streeting or tracting, that's what I get to do the entire day that any splits happen. BUT we were able to have some really cool experiences. After a prayer, we just started walking. We had no idea where we were or where we were going. We just kept on walking. Then we went into a random (but not random) apartment complex. Rang a random (but not random) call box. The first cséngő (doorbell) we rang answered and they let us right in. They were at the very top floor, so we hiked up there, they opened the door and let us inside. Come to find out, it was an older lady that joined the church and was baptized 8 years ago. Her children didn't approve and they said they would disown her if she attended church. So she stopped coming. She was so happy that we were there and she told us that she still prays and reads everyday. I was able to set up a lesson with her for this week. It was incredible! 

For a branch activity this week, we gave each of the members a copy of the Book of Mormon and told them to go out and give it to someone on the street. We watched from the windows of the branch house as they all went into the street and a little courtyard that is near us to try to give out their book. It was so cute to watch some of these old ladies talk to people about the gospel and offer them a B.O.M. One lady (who isn't a member yet--she has a bapt. date for this month) loved it so much that she kept coming back to get more books to hand out. She was able to give out 3 in the time everyone else gave 1. It was such a neat experience for them and for my companion and I. The best part is YOU can do the SAME thing. Don't be afraid. I know of one Elder who goes into every "scary" situation with the attitude of, "It's the RESTORED GOSPEL that we are offering them!!" Every member IS a missionary. Share the happiness you find in this gospel. People will respond.

It's looking like this week is going to be super busy for us. Which is really exciting! Things are moving right along here. It's truly great.

I have to wait another week to be able to watch conference. There are only a few places where they are able to broadcast conference here in Hungary. Everyone else has to wait for the week after so that Salt Lake City can send us DVD copies of it all translated in Hungarian. It's going to be really neat to experience it here for my first time (out of four). I hope it's going to be a priority to you all--because these Hungarians can hardly wait.

Well that's all I have for this week, but I really hope you treat yourself to a heavy dose of The Book of Mormon today.

Alldredge Elder
 The rad castle we were able to see! 

 A pretty street near our apartment. 

 Baptism!! The Sopron branch with its newest member!