Monday, November 12, 2012

Week 15 in Hungary (Nov. 5-12, 2012)

 It's Abrok Elder and I saying goodbye at the train station.

 tracting around this beautiful city


Szia szia szervusz hallo! (Now THAT sounds more like a Hungarian "hello"... I don't think I'll ever know why they have to say it so many times. The same goes for their "goodbyes")

Today is "Amercan Day" at a store called "Lidle"!! They're supposed to be selling peanut butter!! FINALLY! This is the only store that ever has it and it's super rare! I think they're going to be selling Marshmallows as well... it's gonna be a great week!

I was able to go on splits and return to good ol' Szombathely this week! It was slammin'! It was so great to see all of the incredible people I met when I served there. They were all super surprised to see me but it was a great time!

There's a cute little member family we meet with every week and they love making the missionaries favorite Hungarian meals. I told them my was "Lángos" and they got all excited and sure enough the next week they made us some giant Lángos that were about the size of my whole face! They were super stellar and they made me eat SO much of them, I thought I was going to die BUT it was grand nonetheless.

The Lord really put me into my place this week. We're teaching two pretty new and fresh investigators, we gave them both reading assignments in The Book of Mormon. When I asked them if they read, I was expecting the typical answer of, "No, I didn't have time." or "I was only able to read a tiny tiny bit." BUT NO! This week they both said yes. AND then they said, "I prayed about it after I read and asked if it was true or not... When I prayed I felt really warm inside, what does that mean?" Good earth! I'm sure Elder Hansen's face and my own were pretty priceless! It was unreal. Especially since it happened twice this week! Things happen when you have faith. Really.

There was actually a lot of crazy things that happened this week. A lot of coincidences (that weren't really coincidences). And loads of being "in the right place at the right time" thanks to the direction of the Spirit. I won't go into detail about all of them but this week, for some reason, was full of them!

Hansen Elder and I have wanted to go "whipping" every P-day since we've been together but EVERY single P-day it has either snowed or rained on us. Which bites because the rest of the week is beautiful BUT it's okay. It'll motivate us to vacuum and mop the apartment today.

This week is going to be Zone Conference in Budapest!! It's a 3 hour long drive so it'll be quite the day! I'm excited for it. It'll be my first one!

Anywho, as always, things are incredible for me on this side of the oceans. I hope you not only read The Book of Mormon, but you pray about it too. The feeling of the Spirit will warm you up as winter approaches. 

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder