Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 14 in Hungary (Oct.29-Nov.5)

Szervusztok rendesek emberek!
Hogy vagytok?

It's raining like crazy today. It rained all last night and since all of our windows are at an angle in our apartment, it was quite loud throughout the night, yet soothing at the same time.

I forgot my camera cord so I'll have to send double pictures next week... Sorry!

I gotta start off with a funny story that happened this week:
So Elder Hansen and I visited this really old NĂ©ni who is in her 90's. Before we left she gave us some chocolate bars. Later that night, Elder Hansen decided to eat some of his. He took one bite and immediately spit it out and started yelling about how disgusting it was. Then his eyes got real big and he said, "I THINK THERE'S ALCOHOL IN THESE THINGS!" We checked the package and sure enough, it was made with 40% rum. Pretty hilarious. Especially because the lady is a long-time member. So that was quite the adventure.

I sure missed American Halloween this week but celebrating the "Day of the Dead" on November 1st was pretty cool! We walked around a candle lit cemetery and it was really interesting. One investigator was telling us how some kids try to go trick or treating here but most people just yell, "This isn't America!"

This week was mostly spent meeting with members so they could get to know Elder Hansen. It's been really cool and we have been starting off our lessons by singing a hymn to them. Anytime that we're not in programs we're out tracting. We went tracting in some super interesting places lately. One place was a complete ghetto but the architecture was just fascinating. I love walking around these old streets. It's super pretty!

The other evening we were tracting and we had gone for three hours straight without anyone even talking to us for more than a second. (Which is unusual for us.) We decided that we wouldn't go back for dinner until we gave away just ONE Book of Mormon to someone. After getting yelled at and kicked out of 2 places, we came across a lady who was super excited and happy to see us. She happily took a Book of Mormon and said she was going to read it for sure. She told us to come back and visit her. It was really awesome and I'm glad we didn't give up and just go to dinner... or else we would've missed out on her. 

That's about the extent of my week. Just working, working, working. I love it though!! I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm super bummed I forgot my camera cord... But like I said, I'll send more pictures in the week to come.

The best way you can help yourself today is by reading the Book of Mormon. After that, go help someone else.

Sok SOK Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder