Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 17 in Hungary (Nov. 19-26)

 adventures of last rainy P-day


 Thanksgiving Dinner at the Flammers

 Pig Jello

 Roasting some marshmallows

Jó Napot Kivánok!!
(This is the longest word in Hungarian! My English Class taught it to me this week.)

I hope all of your Thanksgiving celebrations were a blast and a half! Thursday was actually one of the most incredible days of my mission! Which is good because it helped my homesickness be at a minimal for the Holiday. It started with some great lessons with some great investigators. The last lesson of the afternoon was capped off with an immediate "yes" to the question of baptism. AND we had two random people come to our English class wanting to learn about the gospel and attend church. AND it all ended with a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with our Advanced English Class where Elder Hansen and I sang "I Feel My Savior's Love" in Hungarian with the uke. SO, it was pretty great despite being on the other side of the oceans from my family.

If you know me, you know my fascination and abnormal love for priesthood blessings. We were able to give three this week! I had never given the actually blessing before this week. (I only did the oil anointing.) But this week, I did two out of the three actual blessings! It's incredible because you seriously just move your mouth and the Hungarian words flow out. I can't describe it better.

On the subject of language, I guess I haven't really talked about the progress lately. It's strange because I feel a whole lot more comfortable speaking than I do understanding. I have no problem expressing myself... but when it comes to understanding I feel I'm not the sharpest. BUT that's okay. It will come. Slowly--but surely.

After emailing today, I'm going to decorate our apartment and we're going to wrap up some copies of the Book of Mormon. Then we're going to try something new for tracting and we call it "The Christmas Survey"! I'm really excited about it. We're going to ask people about their Christmas traditions and what they like about the season and what they think the true meaning is. I think people will be pretty open to it and at the end we will say, here is a free gift since you did our survey for us (Book of Mormon)! AND we will be able to learn a lot about the different, special Hungarian traditions!

For some strange reason, the heaters in our apartment ceased to produce heat. So it's pretty chilly. In the warmest room, on the warmest day, at 2:00 in the afternoon, it was a bitter 62 degrees. Yay for wearing coats in the apartment! I have enjoyed roasting marshmallows over the warm stove at night. (picture of such events will be attached)

This week I tried "Pig Jello" which is pig skin, fat and other nasty stuff all mixed up and made into jello... with giant chunks of meat and fat in it. They scoop it out and put it on bread. I tried it of course and actually liked it! It wasn't too bad if you didn't think about what it was. I'll attach a picture of it but if you tend to be queasy, I wouldn't look at it.

The work here in Sopron is going crazy. It's almost too much! We are on the go all day everyday. But I love it. I would not have it any other way.

The miracles are pouring in and we have no room to obtain them! I love it!

The city is being decorated with beautiful lights and other fun things! I'll be sure to take some pictures of it in the days to come.

Today, the Flammers are taking Elder Hansen and I to a really pretty park and we will finally be able to go whipping! I'll be sure to send pictures of that as well.

As the Holidays commence, make them better and brighter with reading from The Book of Mormon.

Sok, SOK Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder