Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 24 in Hungary (Jan. 7-14, 2013)

Sziasztok Mindenki!
Jó Föld!!

Today was transfer calls! I'm going Senior Companion... Good earth and I'm only in my 5th transfer. This is craziness. AND to top it all off, I'm going to be leaving Kecskemét and I will now be serving in the city of Pécs! (It's pronounced PAY-CH) I'm super stoked because Pécs was actually on my list of the top 3 cities I want to serve in while on my mission. It's called the "Disneyland of Hungary" I guess because it's just super fancy and pretty. How cool! BUT once again I'm going to miss another one of the baptisms I helped set up. He's getting baptized in three weeks... Bummer!! All that matters is that he gets baptized, so it's fine with me.

Speaking of our investigator on baptismal date, I had a funny experience with him just yesterday. We were in his house teaching him and about 45 minutes into the program he looks down at my feet and says, "woah, what's on your shoes!?" I replied, "oh these aren't my shoes, these are just my socks, it's the brand." (taking off my shoes is such a habit, I've been trying to be good and remember that such an act is absolutely not allowed during the winter in Hungary, they think you will get really sick if you take your shoes off.) So he jumped up and yelled, "Oy MAMA!!" and he went into the entry and brought me back my shoes and a shoe-horn. It was possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen an old man do.

Along with winter superstitions, I was told 3 times this week (twice by random strangers on the street) that if I didn't wear a winter hat, I was going to lose all of my hair... So strange. I haven't dared sit on a park bench in the cold, who knows what the old people would do if that happened.

Our investigator came to church for the first time yesterday because he just barely retired from his job that caused him to work on Sundays. After the first hour, we asked him how he liked it and he said, "oh my it was SO beautiful... but I put the water cup in the wrong place... that was embarrassing." On top of that, it was ward conference so the word "stake" came up a lot in the meeting. The Hungarian word means the same kind of thing, but it is also used for "spike" so our investigator was really confused why we had so much to do with spikes in the church.

While streeting, a lady told me that she didn't want to meet with the missionaries because Angels appear to her and teach her about religion.

I went on splits this week. My temporary companion and I had to hurry to catch a train. We all left in a rush. After the hour and a half train ride, we got to the apartment and realized that we were phoneless... He forget to get the phone before we left. He pulled out the keys and said, "Well, at least we have the keys! That would have been REALLY bad..." then as I started to take off my coat I felt something in my pocket... sure enough, it was the keys to the apartment I had just left. We had no way of calling them, they had no way of contacting us. Wow it was a bad situation. In the end, everything worked out! There were spare keys and we were able to communicate with a member's phone. Lesson learned.

So get this! As I was walking through the city, I found a cream colored plastic spoon on the sidewalk. I said, "hey! this looks just like a Wendy's spoon!!" as I bent down to pick it up. Turns out that it totally was a Wendy's spoon!! How random is that? They don't have Wendy's here... I have no idea how it could've gotten here, or why.

Well, I gotta head home so I can start packing. I hope you all have a swell week. Do something for your eternal salvation and read from The Book of Mormon. 

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder
 "Fura" is slang for weird.

 The City streets