Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 25 in Hungary (Jan.14-21, 2013)

Pécs tényleg a legszebb varos amit lattam ebben az életemben!

Wow this place is incredible. The branch is amazing. My companion and I get along famously. Our apartment isn't too much of a downgrade from my last and the work is going to great. We're ready to make it a lot better, too!
Pécs was actually opened to sisters this transfer too! Sister Kimball is training a new missionary and there is already another set of Elders. All 6 of us get along swell and we're already having the greatest time ever!

Pécs is a college town and our apartment is actually surrounded by different sections of the university. We have a music hall right down the street and a medical center right across the street. I now understand why the other missionaries call it the Disneyland of Hungary. There are really some streets that make you feel like you're on a street in Disneyland as you walk down them. It's incredible!

This week I was able to experience the traditional Hungarian "Fish Soup." Missionaries either hate or love it. It's a super super spicy soup with fish parts in it. They seriously just throw the fish in there. So the skin is still there and quite honestly just about everything else. They set a little bowl next to you for all the bones. During the meal, everyone is pulling out what translates to "the splinters" which are the really tiny, sharp bones out of their mouth. BUT It was actually really really good. My companion and I really enjoyed it! (Besides the bones, I could've done without those...)

I actually had to give a full talk yesterday. It was on enduring to the end. I shared my favorite story about endurance which is when Joseph Smith is in Liberty Jail. I've always loved D&C 121:7-8. The branch here is super great. They have a lot of really strong members and I'm so excited to serve here for the next little while.

My companion and I already have a new baptism set! It is really super exciting and we have a lot of other investigators who are really close to such a commitment as well! 

As always, it was hard to have to say goodbye in Kecskemét. I made a lot of close friends there and had some great relationships with the amazing families in the ward. I'm really hoping I'll be able to stay here in Pécs for a while. I'm glad it's up to God to decided where I need to be--I'd say he's been doing a pretty darn perfect job.

Well, everything is swell here with me! A lot of this week was spent packing, moving, and unpacking. I'm sure I'll have lots more to write about next week.

P.S. I squat-ran from a bus stop to a mall bathroom on Saturday because I drank lots of juice before our 1.5 hour bus ride. If that's not funny to imagine, I don't know what is.

Hey, get a good read from The Book of Mormon today. It will answer your question.

Alldredge Elder
 School in the city center

 Sister Kimball and I were both leaving to Pécs!!

 Last Days in Kecskemét!!

The gigantic and beautiful City House

Saying goodbye to some of the ward members

 My new companion and I in the snow.

 I love this group of people!! We all get along super great. It's going to be a great transfer!

 One of the streets in Pécs. I'm going to take LOTS more of this place hopefully this next week!