Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 36 in Hungary April 2-8, 2013

Szia a családom, a barátaim, és random emberek!!

Before I forget, next week I will not be emailing on Monday. Elder Bennett and I will be up in Budapest for new missionary training. I do not, however, know when we will email next week. Looks like it'll be a surprise for you all!

Conference was streamed live to our branch house this week! It was cool to think that I was watching the morning sessions at the same time as all of you! (except we were watching it at 6:00 in the evening)

CEDAR CITY TEMPLE!! I'll be honest, I cheered out loud when that announcement was made. I'm super stoked for that.

It was also super rad that the prophet told that story about the man who lived in Hungary! The Hungarian town he spoke of is the same one that my past Hungarian companion is from! It's on the very far East side of Hungary. So if someone is coming from Germany, it's about as far away as you can get!

There's been a big festival going on in Pécs as of late. Come to find out, it was a festival for beer. They had tons of booths filled with all sorts of stuff. They also had a stage set up at the top of the main square with some live music playing. It was quite the scene!

Elder Bennett and I were able to achieve super standard this week! We were told it would be pretty much impossible to get it with all the extra study time we have to do for the "first 12 weeks program" which only sounded to me like, "hey, you should totally do this."

Elder Bennett is such an awesome Elder! We're having a swell time and if his parents are reading this, you should both be very proud! He brings the spirit in so well in our lessons with his solid testimony. It's been so great to work together!

We had some trouble with our heater this week. It stopped working all of a sudden and we didn't know what was wrong. The instructions told us about a blue knob we had to turn. I thought I turned the right one. Nothing happened so we just had to sleep and try again the next morning. THAT was a cold night. It was 60.2 degrees in our apartment. We called some people to try to get the problem fixed. We looked wayyyyy under the entire machine to see if the pilot light was on. In the act of doing that, we found the real blue knob! We gladly began to twist it, watching the pressure rise once more and sending heat and warm water into our apartment. We were very pleased with ourselves--until the pressure wouldn't stop rising. We came back into the bathroom a half our later to find water flooding our bathroom floor coming from the machine. We found another fancy knob and thought it might solve our problem. As we turned it, water started to POUR out like a water fall all over us (in our suits). You also have to imagine, this heater thing is a huge box hung on the wall about 6 feet off the ground. After turning that same knob back, we were finally able to shut the water off. Long story short, we left the machine, and it leveled the pressure out by itself. We were wet... but warm!

Probably one of the more awkward things of my mission happened this week in English Class. We asked everyone in the class to share what their favorite holiday is. While going around the room, one older lady said, "I have no favorite holiday... I haven't a family and all my friends are died." I was stumped. What do you say in response to that?? I just said, "ohhh... mhmm... Next person?"

I'm kind of a pill and I made everyone in my English Class read this sentence, "The thing that I think threatens things ruthlessly is thorns." It turned out to be, "de ting dat I sink freatens sings rutlessly is torns." I got a good kick out of it until they started having me say a bunch of words that are hard for foreigners to say in Hungarian. We all had a good time with it though.

The highlight of my week was probably when Elder Bennett and I went to visit a lady I tracted into a few weeks ago. We taught her the restoration. She loved it. It's one of those things that you really can't try to explain in words. I felt my mouth literally being filled. I haven't had an experience like that quite that strong until that program. She explained to us that she has been looking for the truth for a while and she has been praying for God to show her the way. At the end of the program, we asked her if she would be baptized when she received a confirmation that these things are indeed true and she replied with, "of course." Wow. Incredible.

Well, I hope you all loved conference! Inspiring, right? Continue this streak of inspiration and read from The Book of Mormon.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder
The City Festival!

Our planners for this transfer

All of us missionaries watching Conference in English.