Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 38 in Hungary (April 16-22, 2013)


Wow this city is just getting prettier and prettier! The weather has been incredible lately. They also have had another big festival in the main square lately. It's been so much fun to walk around the city with the live Hungarian music blasting through the streets. There's all sorts of trees and flowers being placed and planted throughout the city. It's been great to see the transformation.

I LOVE eating outside! The tables are everywhere. It's my favorite.

The internet is down at the place where I usually upload my pictures...Lame! Sorry. I will send some soon--I promise.

For the youth night activity this week, we all made a video for the Pécs YSA's facebook group. If I recall, it was something called a "harlem shake" ...? I think. Is that something that's really popular right now in America? Or is it a European thing? All the youth knew exactly what it was and they were really excited about it. Us missionaries were completely out of the loop. All I knew is that at first we had to be still and serious and then in the next moment, we just get up and start dancing... What a strange world we live in.

Speaking of strange happenings! Yesterday, after a long afternoon of tracting, we were walking through the city square. I was looking at all the ice cream places wishing I was able to buy some. (It was very warm yesterday) All of the sudden, we hear, "Elders! ELDERS!" It caught me by surprise because if anyone is actually calling for us they say, "Elderek!" or "Mormonok!" (Which is also a rare occurrence) Anywho, so a lady runs up to us and says, "Elders! Wow! Hello! Where are you guys from?!" We told her we were from Utah and turns out that her and her husband are from Heber, Utah! They sat us down at their table and said, "we know you guys can't buy anything, but can WE buy something for you??" Needless to say, I got the ice cream that I wanted :) We were able to chat with them for a bit. They were here on a Hungarian vacation and stopped in Pécs for the afternoon. It was so great!

After our district meeting this week, all of us Elders went out to eat together. After about 5 minutes, two girls came up to us and asked, "what are a bunch of English speakers doing here together all dressed up??" They were intrigued so we were able to tell them about being missionaries and what we're doing here. It turns out that one of them was from Turkey and the others are from Italy. They are here for an exchange student program. We talked with them for a good 40 minutes. They went around the table and "labeled" each of us according to how we interacted with them for the past little while. We had the "funny one" the "smart one" the "quiet one" the "sporty one" and so on. They labeled me as "the cool one". I got a big kick out of that! I'm not sure what that entails, but all the other Elders thought it was really funny as well.

While streeting a few days ago, we ran into a suuuuupppeerrrr smashed guy. (extremely drunk) He said some of the most hilarious things I have ever heard. He was telling us how he really wants us to come over to teach him about the mormon bible and that we could eat, drink, and have a really great discussion. He said, "you guys can even stay for an entire WEEK if you want!" We told him that we don't drink alcohol and he replied with, "well, just a little bit isn't a sin!!" and we replied with, "de" which literally means "but"... Dang it. This story is so much funnier in Hungarian. Okay. The point is: It was really funny. He actually gave us his phone number. We're going to try calling later this week when he's hopefully sober. The Word of Wisdom might be a challenge but who knows, maybe he'll really investigate!

So our investigator that I talked about last week came to church for the first time yesterday. She LOVED it. She kept leaning over to the member sitting next to her, telling her how great everything was. Something funny that happened in one of her programs this week was while we were reading a verse from The Book of Mormon. She read, "And I, Moroni..." then stopped and said, "Moroni... that's Mormon's son, right??" Wow, it was great. She is rad beyond belief.

Another great thing that happened this week came from one of the recent converts we've been meeting with. He's a really shy 18 year old. We invited him to come tracting with us. We didn't think he would want to but to our surprise, he gladly accepted. We went out for about an hour with him and he didn't say much at the doors but on the way back he said, "wow... that was SO COOL! It was really really hard. I have a lot more respect for you guys now that I know what it's like for you. Thank you so so so much for taking me." A couple days ago we met with him again and he informed us that he decided to serve a mission. He told us that he decided to do so because of his experience tracting with us. It's incredible how things like that work, right?

Anywho, things are great on my side of the waters. Elder Bennet just finished emailing... and this is the end of my main stories.
Why don't you read some even better stories? They're found in The Book of Mormon. Enjoy!

Alldredge Elder