Friday, April 5, 2013

Week 35 in Hungary (March 25-April 1, 2013)


First off, sorry for not emailing yesterday. Apparently EVERYTHING gets shut down for not only Easter but for the day after... odd.

Wow! Well, I am officially a trainer! It's nuts! I picked up my new companion, Elder Bennett in the "sorting hat meeting" in Budapest this past Wednesday. Funny story, the second he walked into the room I turned to the other trainers and said, "THAT Elder right there, that's who I'm training!" I was totally right and I'm so glad that I was! He's such a hard worker. He's from Salem and he shares the same passion for percussion! He was on his high school's drumline. I said, "oh man! I wish we had some sticks and a practice pad! Then we could totally jam!" to which he replied, "I totally brought mine!" SWEET! It's been a good time!

I took him for his first time tracting on Friday. We had practiced all morning and he did soooo good when it was time to do it for real! His first door was an older lady who just kept saying "oh my goodness! You're so adorable! You're so cute! You're so golden! You're so young! Oh bless your heart!" it was hilarious! I came in at the end to try to see if she was interested in meeting and she said, "just a second, wait right there." so we stood there for a second and she came back with a handful of money and tried to give it to Elder Bennett and I said, "woah woah sorry we can't take that! We're volunteers!" but she kept on insisting on giving it to us and I kept telling her that we don't want it. She finally set it on our clipboard and hurried and shut the door. SO FUNNY. We set the money back on her door frame and moved on. Haha how awesome is that for a first tracting experience?

We've actually had some abnormally great success in tracting lately. Which is great! I hope he can set this as a standard for the rest of his mission. Right after this we're actually going to re-visit a lady that we found last week who invited us back!

Another cool thing that happened while tracting is I was explaining to a man that we are just volunteers and we don't receive money. He said, "yea right!! Then how do you get your nice suits!!? And pay for food!?" I told him that we both worked and earned money before we came here. He replied with, "and you use that money to live here...?" After telling him yes, he was really intrigued and set up a time right then and there for us to come back and teach him.

Oh yes, Happy Easter! I hope it was grand for you all. It was great for us here! We went tracting and most people weren't happy that we were knocking on their door during a Holiday BUT, while tracting, the last door we had planned to do for the night totally invited us right in after we said, "hello! Because it's Easter, we brought a special message about Jesus Christ!" The guy ended up being SUPER cool and he was telling us he's been looking for the truth for a while now. He too invited us to come back and teach him more about the restored church of Jesus Christ.

Poor Elder Bennett got his first "Néni Kisses" this week. (when an old lady kisses both your cheeks) I felt bad, but he got it out of the way pretty early into the game!

So, I'm quickly discovering that a lot more people read these messages on my blog than I thought. Yikes! Well, I hope they are good. I also hope I have good gramer and spell things good. (don't correct that sentence mom, I think it's hilarious that way) I hope that my blogs continue to be... good? I don't know. Heck, I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing.

Well, everything is EXCELLENT on my side of the waters! I hope all is well with all of you!

Read from The Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith translated it for you. He was a true prophet of God.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

My new companion, Elder Bennett!
 His first door to tract in Hungary!!
   The money that the first lady gave him.

 Who wouldn't want a giant broccoli stick to eat?

 Elder Christensen at our favorite restaurant and the meal we had.

 Goodbye's with Elder Christensen

 Some of the youth at our youth night activity