Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 73 (October 7-14, 2013)

Jaj de szépek a szinek ősszel, nem?

Vacak: Next week I will be emailing on Tuesday instead of Monday. Transfers have gotten a lot more complicated as of late. Missionaries don't go home the same time that new ones come in so we will be having these "mini transfers" for the next while. I'm pretty sure nothing will change within my companionship...but you can never be too sure about this whole transfer thing. I'm hoping all will stay the same.

Fixing of the Roof: We have an investigator whose husband isn't the biggest fan of the Church. She really wants to get baptized, her little daughter too, but the father won't allow it. SO, we set up with our investigator to help her husband fix their roof. It worked out that we were able to meet him and help him this last Thursday! We were able to talk with the guy for a good 4 hours while we took down all of his shingles and set them up again. We had a great discussion, yet his standpoint on the Church and allowing his family to be baptized has not changed. That's okay though. Things can only get better right? How much more rewarding will it be when they do get baptized and we are able to know that we had enough faith that the father would change his mind? That's right--so much more rewarding.

Zone Training: We had a super stellar zone training this week. Everyone was really engaged and seemed to really enjoy it. We talked a lot about fears--the kinds, why they are there, and how to overcome them. I relayed my story about how I struggle with my extreme and irrational fear of bees and then entwined it with a story from the book of Mosiah. For role plays we sent everyone out on the street and their assignment was to talk to a stranger on the street, teach them about prayer, then ask the person right then and there if they would pray with them. Talk about challenging, huh? But heck, if someone can do that, doing it in a program will be easy.

New Baptismal Candidate: We've been meeting with a lady who spent our whole first meeting just crying about how sad she was that she lost her husband who died over a year ago. When we first found her, she was a mess. So sad. We've meet with her often since that first time and the change has been dramatic. She told us the other day, "ever since you boys started coming and teaching me about God's plan, I only cry once a day!! I feel so much more comfort in my life and I feel so great when I meet with you boys." Needless to say, we explained the role of the Holy Ghost and told her that she can always feel that way if she keeps the commandments and makes a promise with God through baptism. She gladly accepted.

All is well on my side of the waters. I don't know if I have raved enough about the food here. I. LOVE. HUNGARIAN. FOOD. They came out with a new Turo Rudi (Hungarian thing)... It's the best chocolate to ever hit the face of this earth. Anywho, I love the food here so much.

Hé, ha magyar vagy és ezt a blogot találtad valahogyan, van információ ami neked való:
XIX Budapest, Kossuth Lajos U. 2
Vasárnaponként 10:00-tól

Angol Óra pedig csütörtökönként 18:00-tól
Van kezdő, haladó, és profi.

I love you all!! Please read from The Book of Mormon, it will help you know how to live your life better. And trust me--it's possible.
Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

Hey, if you are Hungarian and somehow found this blog, there is information for you:
Place of Worship:
XIX Budapest, Kossuth Lajos U. 2
Sundays, 10:00

English classes are on Thursdays from 18:00
There are beginner, advanced and professional.


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