Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 74 (October 14-22, 2013)

Hűha. Nincs időm.

Transfer Update: As we suspected, there was no change within our companionship for this 'mini transfer' which means another 3 weeks with my favorite Hungarian companion. :) Ábrók a király!!

Family Day: This week for English Class, we had family day!! Everyone had to bring pictures of their family and practice introducing them in the beloved language of English. They all really enjoyed it. Besides people always telling me how similar Brookie and Momma are to each other, I usually get mixed responses about Jordi and myself. Sometimes they say I look like Dad, sometimes like Momma, sometimes a mix. It's always a mystery. On this particular occasion they told me that I'm the "kakukk toljás" which is like "the black sheep" or "the odd one out". Interesting, no?

LOOK! I MADE THIS!: I love to write. This week I wrote a poem. It's about one of my favorite stories about the sun and the wind. It goes like this:
One day long ago, in Spring I recall,
The wind told the sun, "I'm the strongest of all!"
The sun didn't agrue, nor did he agree
The wind sensed his doubt and said, "come verse me, you'll see."
The sun simple chuckled and replied with, "okay."
Right then an old man passed them by on the way,
The wind said, "I'll take his coat right from his skin!
Then I'll be the strongest, I know I will win!"
The sun knew the wind would get really loud,
So he hid himself nicely behind a soft cloud.
The wind started to blow and made quite a raquet.
Which made the man clentch even more to his jacket.
He held on much tighter as the wind pushed and fought.
The wind finally gave up and said, "let's see what you've got."
All the sun did was come out and smile.
He made the air warm within a short while.
The man soon wiped drops of sweat from his head
And continued his walk in his T-shirt instead.
Gentle, patient, and kind was the sun.
He didn't get prideful although he had won.
He didn't laugh at the wind, nor make a mean face.
He just went down to rest and let the moon take his place.

Camera Cord: Yea, I forgot it...

Parkinson's: We tracted into a lady with Parkinson's disease. She could barely walk and move at all. She couldn't even zip up her own jacket. She rejected us at first but aswe walked away she opened the door again and invited us inside. She said, "I don't usually let people into my apartment, but I felt like I should let you two boys in." 
We began to explain why we are here and what we were doing. We began to talk about Christ and the Holy Ghost. During the first few minutes of our talking she was shaking uncontrolably. She couldn't function normally. It was really sad BUT to our great surprise, as we continued to talk about Christ and his Atonement, she completely stopped shaking. It got to the point where she sat there normally with no problems at all! She looked down at her hands and noticed she was still. She then asked us, "how did you two perform this miracle?! LOOK! I am still!! I can move normaly!! How is this possible??" We went on to explain more about God's love and the Holy Ghost. She functioned completely normal the rest of the meeting and she was absolutely amazed! I was too. It was an incredible testimony, heck a physical testimony about how the Spirit works as we teach. Wow!

I don't have a lot of time left on the computer. I wrote a lot longer "personal" emails than I usually do. I will save the rest of my stories for next week.

Read the BEST kind of stories and live according to them. You will never go wrong. Where are those stories found you ask? Well, no place else but The Book of Mormon.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder