Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 80 (Nov.25-Dec.2, 2013)


Bocsi: I appreciate all of your emails this week. This is Elder Ábrók's last full week for his mission and we've planned something insanely crazy for it. We've been planning for it for the last 3 weeks and we're going to work through our P-Day today. Also, in order to achieve this goal we calculated that we can only email for one hour. SO I did read all of your emails, and I will reply personally to them all next week. Which reminds me, next week is transfers. Therefore, I will be emailing on Tuesday instead of Monday. I had some good pictures to send today but we don't have enough time... They'll come soon--I swear.
I'll give more information about this "crazy week" next time I email. Elder Ábrók has called it the "LOW Week" Which stands for "Lord Of the Weeks". Part of our plan is to get over 100 working hours. Yea, it's gonna be nuts.

Hálaadás: Thanksgiving here was actually way rad!! Some of the other missionaries around the area and some Hungarians put on a little Thanksgiving party for everyone. It was a great turn out and we had some great food!! Not quite like home, but I loved it! By far the best Hungarian Thanksgiving I've ever had.

Mikulás: Mikulás is coming this Thursday night!! All of the children's shoes will be left out and Mikulás will be visiting with toys and treats. My English Class is putting on a little party this week for it. It's gonna be great!!

HEY!!: The inside of these apartment buildings that we often tract in are not the prettiest. They all look the exact same. Some people try to spice up their hallway a little bit with some pretty pictures. While tracting, we walked down the stairs and I saw a row of pictures. These pictures caught my attention because they looked like there were of Utah. So I said, "Hey! These look like Utah!" as I followed the pictures to the end of the row. Well, the last picture took Elder Ábrók and I for a spin as I exclaimed, "HEY!! IT'S THE SALT LAKE TEMPLE?!?" Seriously. As luck would have it, there were some pictures of the desert and of the mountains then randomly a picture of the SLC Temple. How random is that? Sadly, the people weren't home but we're really curious to who lives there. As far as we know, there aren't any members that live there. And we don't think it was the guy who lived further down the hall because he called the police on us with us standing there in front of him.

Neat, Unique Experience: The man I baptized while in Miskolc moved up to Budapest a few weeks ago for some new work. Since his baptism he has been ordained a priest. Yesterday, I was able to pass the sacrament and he was one of the ones who blessed it. It was awesome to work together with him--I just baptized him a couple months ago!!

Adorable Testimony: We've been making an extra effort to involve the ward in our work. We are always inviting the members to the programs. (It's awesome.) We had a deacon help us out over the weekend and yesterday during testimony meeting, he got up and shared an adorable testimony about how he loves when the missionaries invite him to programs and how he feels like he learns a lot when he teaches with them. So cute.

Meeting of a Lifetime: Yesterday we met with a blind man who was a referral from a lady we tracted into the other week. I've never really had an experience with a blind person but this was a real eye-opener. (No pun intended.) He was one of the happiest guys I have met in weeks. He was so excited to meet with us that he waited outside of the apartment building for us. I had talked to him a few times on the phone and he knew I was American. So when we met, he shook my hand and said, "Nice to see you!!" and then chuckled to himself. He escorted us up to his apartment (unlocking two doors, going up stairs, then an elevator, etc.) it was incredible to see how easily he was able to get around. When we got in, he forgot to turn on the light and his mother finally told him, "hey!! you need to turn on the light for your guests!!" He replied with "oh! Sorry boys. I always forget... you know, because it doesn't matter to me if the light is on or not." 
Ack. He was so rad. He cracked jokes the whole night and was a great conversationalist. He showed us how he uses a computer and his cellphone. It was mind blowing. He's coming to church with us next week and I we already love meeting with him. We learned a ton in just that one program--way more than we taught him. It was for sure an experience of a life time.

Well, I love you all. Maybe Mikulás will come to you if you leave your shoes out this Thursday night. If not, experience the best gift, that is, being enlightened through reading from The Book of Mormon.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder