Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 81 (December 3-10, 2013)

Nem hiszem el... Hogy lehet az, hogy minden transfer call ilyen őrült?

L.O.W. Week: So... We died last week. I crawled into my bed at 9:45 Sunday night and I have never slept better. We ended the week with 149 working hours. 78 of those hours were programs and the others were spent tracting. It. Was. Absolutely. Crazy. I must admit, it was a pretty great end to Elder Ábrók's mission.
To give some sort of calibration, the standard amount of working hours in a week is 25. Super Standard is 35. The most working hours I had gotten in one week until this was 70.
We started our week with the goal of tripling Super Standard in all categories. We had to work until the very last hour on Sunday to get it all--but we did indeed achieve our goal of triple Super Standard.

This week was actually really incredible as well. We were able to meet with a lot of new people and there are some who have really been prepared. For example we found a family who lived in Canada and they wanted to be baptized there but they had to suddenly move back to Hungary before it could happen and they haven't been able to find the Church here yet--so God let us to them.

Just a couple days ago we set another baptismal date with someone. They love coming to church and it isn't hard to see that the Lord has prepared them to receive the Gospel.

We also met with a lady just yesterday who was in tears as we started to teach her for the first time. We asked her simple questions to get to know her. One of our questions was, "do you think God answers your prayers?" To which she replied, "well, you two are here right now, aren't you? I know He sent you to me."

Transfer Update: Alright, so this is the crazy part. With Elder Ábrók leaving, I thought I was for sure going to stay here in Kispest. God had other things planned. I received the call this morning to be the new Assistant to the President.
What is an AP, you ask? Well, let me tell you.
There are two APs. They work closely with the mission president and collect all of the numbers from the zone leaders each week. They are the ones who pick up the new missionaries from the airport and take the dying ones to the airport to go home. They give trainings at the mission conferences. They assist the president in deciding transfers (which is super rad because I always stress about transfers but now I'll know everything that's going to happen.) They are also the ones who take all the new missionaries out streeting on their first day and... that's all that is really coming to mind right now.

Why this isn't rad: this means our companionship is being "white-washed". A white-wash is when both missionaries leave an area and two new missionaries come in an have to figure out everything. We are going to have to write EVERYthing down about where we've been, what we've taught, who lives where, what they need to do, etc. The good thing is that we have kept excellent records of everything--so it won't be too difficult.

Why this is rad: this now means that I get a car again!! The APs get to drive the newest car in the mission (it's just like Evalin, just newer) I think the car's name is Melinda if I remember correctly. The APs also live in the nicest apartment. I will have a dryer and a dishwasher!
Another cool thing is that I will be taking 3 of my former senior companions to the airport on Thursday. How wild is that?

My new companion will be Elder Headrick. I'm super stoked to work with him. I already served around him in Miskolc so we're already good friends.

It will be really really hard to leave everything Elder Ábrók and I did here. We had a blast and a half. The good news is that I'll just be on the other side of the Duna.

It looks like I'm going to be serving here in Budapest for a long long time. I've already been here since August and APs typically serve as AP until their second to last transfer. They then usually train in their very last transfer before they go home. We'll see what happens! I love serving here in Budapest though. It's gonna be great!!

Yikes: I'm trying to get all my thoughts together. I just keep thinking about all the stuff I have to do before I leave tomorrow... I still have to pack. Bleh. At least we're going to go ice skating with a big group of people today--so that'll be way fun!

One Last Thing: This is super important. The AP's Preparation Day is on Saturdays. So... I guess I will be emailing once again in a couple days!!

Until then, read lots from the The Book of Mormon. This time of year is always great for the Bible. (I would definitely suggest reading about Christ's birth, life, and especially His atonement.) Just don't forget to read The Book of Mormon as well!

Sok Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!