Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week 94 (Feb.23-March 1, 2014)

Kaland volt a mai nap és kalandos is lesz.

P-Day Adventures: Elder Miller and I drove up to Esztergom this morning. My word, it was incredible. The weather was perfect and we went to the famous Basilica on the hill. It was insanely massive. We were able to walk around inside of it then climb the infinite spiral staircase to the very top of the dome. The view was incredible. This city is near the border so you could see Slovakia from the top. It was fantastic. We then drove back down through a city called Visegrad. It's famous for having a massive castle at the top of a "mountain". We were able to drive up there and walk around the ruins. It was an awesome day full of some amazing sights.

Down South: We had the opportunity to travel down to Pécs this week to perform some business. It was awesome to be in that beautiful city once again. During the day, we met with a bunch of people I met with often exactly a year ago! It was fun to see them all again and catch up on life. Everyone down there is doing superb.

Haircut?: We found an older lady the other week while tracting and we gave her a copy of The Book of Mormon. The next time we went there, she informed us that her daughter had taken the book we gave her! She told us that her daughter has been reading from it here and there. We asked if she would possibly be interesting in meeting and she replied with, "uh... I don't think so." The next time we went over she informed us that her daughter was reading from the book more and more and her husband started to read it as well. We said, "wow, that's great! Can we maybe get her phone number so we can talk about it with her? Or maybe her address?" She informed us that she doesn't give that information out to people. Then, just this week we met with her again and she told us that her daughter is now constantly reading from the book. She told us, "she is always has it in her hands! Her husband is already half way through!!" She later brought up that her daughter is a hair-cutter. (Is that the proper title?? I don't know.) So I said, "OH! I really need my haircut.. could you maybe give us her phone number so that we can call her and set up an appointment?" She gladly gave it to us AND her address. (Old people are so funny sometimes. The funny thing is, my hair isn't even that long at all.) Anywho, so I called her up and we set up an appointment for next Tuesday. Yesterday evening we got a call from her and she said, "I've been reading the book you gave to my mother. I love it. I'm reading right now about the when the prophet is talking about the life after death. I can't stop reading. I want to meet to talk about this book... NOW." We were busy the rest of the night, so we're going to visit her and her husband in about 35 minutes. Incredible? Why yes, yes it is.

Miracles are happening. It's so neat to be wrapped up in it all. God is using us to move his work forward and reach out to his children. Unbelievable.

Well, I'll let you get back to your reading of The Book of Mormon. I'm sure that's what you were doing before reading this blog entry. If you weren't, now you totally can!

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

He put on an older lady's glasses while she went in the other room to get something. If this doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what would.

After being found and taught over a year ago, she is still an amazing, active member!

Back in Pécs.


As I mentioned, this place is massive.

Inside the church.

From the top.

The Castle in Visegrad. Another incredible view!