Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 100 (April 9-14, 2014)

Boldog születés napot a Tuttle Elder-nek!

I Love These People: My word. We have just met with so many incredible people lately, I can't even begin to tell you all what kind of miracles we are seeing everyday. Who would've thought that one had the capacity to love a strange land, people, culture, and language so deeply.

Getting Hit On: While tracting this week, we talked to an older lady at her door. During the duration of our discussion, every third sentence she said alluded to our attractiveness. She told us we were gorgeous young men, that we were beautiful, handsome--you name it, she said it. It wasn't until she said, "huh... If only I was younger." Then we kinda started to freak out.

Elder Tuttle's Birthday: Today was Elder Tuttle's birthday! He had new missionary training today, so I went out with some other missionaries and bought him a sweet puzzle box and I had his name engraved on it. He was pretty stoked about it! We then celebrated with some good mission buds at none other than good ol' Trofeas.

New Hungarian Siblings: So, we're meeting with a small family right now. It's a single mother and her three children. They are adorable and we've only met with them three times. They are the smartest and most well behaved 12 and nine year-olds on the planet. (The nine year-olds are twins.) The little girl drew us some pictures of Jesus and Bible stories. They love when we come over and talk about the gospel with them. Their father walked out on them a year ago and they've all been praying for help. Just when they were about to give up their faith, we knocked on their door. Last time, we told them that we will be their older brothers. Before we left, the nine year old said one of the most incredible prayers I have ever heard. He said, "we're so grateful you sent us our two new older brothers to us to help us." 
I would go into detail about this family... but I don't have that much time. All-in-all, they are incredible and we love them.

Bleh... Emailing is so stressful. I always come in with so many things to write about but the time is never enough.

Time is an interesting thing, isn't it? We seem to always have time to do the things we want to do. I can promise you, reading The Book of Mormon is the BEST way to use your time. Please, make time for it.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

Our P-day adventures took us to a beautiful cathedral in the heart of Pest.

Climbing up the stairs to the top.

The view from the top.

Lovin' life.

We went to the Hungarian Buffet today for Elder Tuttle's birthday. It was a blast!