Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 10 (Oct. 1-8, 2012)

 Rainbow Bridge

 Putting flyers at the Jehovah's Witnesses 


 Elder Abrok and I

 Just being us

Jó Napot Kívánnok!
Konferencia nagyon szép volt?
Szerintem, igen.
(Translate it!) 

This week went swell as always. I understand I usually tend to be a bit of an optimist. A little too much. So, I'll tell you the more sour things that have happened this week so that you can get a more realistic feel for it: we were "dogged" (they made an appointment then didn't show up then turned off their phone) 7 times this week. We had a visit set up with 2 members, we knocked on their door, they said "coming!" and then we stood outside for 20 minutes and no one ever answered and they turned their phone off. Also, as we were riding our bikes a group of people yelled, "we would like to see you get hit by a car!" SO, that wasn't to vent, that was just so you can get more of a true image of my life here. Other than that, the week was wonderful!

My companion and I have started "Night Flyering" because we have too many programs and lessons in the day, so the only time we can go out and put flyers everywhere is at night. It's been way fun! We're usually out for 2-3 hours and we somehow managed to go through a forest this week to get to the streets where we needed to be. Crazy time! We also walked all the way to a Tesco (European Wal-Mart) and flyered that whole parking lot, which was great because a circus was going on right next to it so there was a TON of cars! And the next day we had tons of new people in all of our English Classes! It was great! Some of them had the flyer with them so we felt pretty great when we saw that. I randomly got a new girl in my English class who is a really young, and professional tennis player for Austria! Crazy stuff!

For a branch activity this week we played "Taboo" which I discovered was super difficult to play in a new language. But it actually worked out to be an advantage because I HAD to explain the words in the MOST simple words and sentences. It was a really fun activity!

My companion and I are really really excited about this new couple that just started investigating. They are so nice and they have been coming to everything! Even Seminary and the baptism last week! We call them the "Rendes" Couple which means classy, nice, and well put together. I think they're going to progress really well and lots of good will come from it!

This week has been busy and this week is looking to be even busier! I'm excited. I've never felt so tired at 10:30 pm and so awake and ready at 6:30 am. These really are the best two years. 

I hope all is great with everyone of you. I'm nearing the end of the book of Alma right now and wow! lots of crazy stuff goes down in all of those wars! Read about it for yourself in the Book of Mormon. You won't regret it.

Alldredge Elder