Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 12 in Hungary (Oct. 15-22)

Jó napot kivánok!!
Mi újság?

Today was transfer calls!! Elder Ábrók is (sadly) leaving me and going to the South East part of the country and he's going to be a branch president down there!! (There isn't any priesthood in the branch besides the missionaries.) I'm really excited for him because it's something he wanted to experience on his mission, at the same time, I'm bummed he's leaving me.
I am going to pick up my new companion in Budapest on Wednesday! His name is Elder Hansen. I don't know him and I've never met him so it'll be an adventure! 

This Saturday we are having another baptism!! It's been so incredible to see this investigator progress all the way up to baptism! I am hoping that I will be able to announce some more baptisms in this transfer!

Last P-day we went to a giant sheep field that some investigators told us about and we just walked around the field among the sheep. Then we explored a forest area that was a little further. It was super pretty but my camera sadly died.... On our way back, the huge herd of sheep was completely blocking a road and a bunch of cars were beginning to line up. We were able to watch the Shepherd and his dog round them all back up and bring them back to the field. (something you don't get to see everyday!)

I have to speak next Sunday!! It'll be my first official and planned talk since I've been here. I'm excited for it! It's going to be on Prophets. We'll see how it goes!

This week we put on a fall party for our branch. It went super well and we had a lot of investigators come attend as well! Elder Flammer, Elder Ábrók, and I put on a funny skit for everyone. Then we were all able to enjoy Sister Flammer's delicious dinner she made! It was a great success and lots of fun!

A big group of Hungarians from all over the country went to the Frieberg temple this week. While waiting for the session to start, a temple worker came in and said there would be a slight delay before the session began. Then a couple minutes later, in walks President Monson and he meets everyone there and they all got to shake his hand!! Pretty rad!

This week, I learned the important difference between the two words "mosni" (to wash) and "fosni" (slang for: to diarrhea). So after finishing a meal I accidentally said, "Azt finom volt! De most, fosnom kell." which means: "That was delicious! But I need to diarrhea now." Well, it's all part of the mission experience, right?

Anywho, I hope everyone is really doing swell. You're in my prayers.

Hey, pray to God and ask him a question--He will be able to answer you through the scriptures. Read The Book of Mormon.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder