Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 11 (Oct. 8-15, 2012)

Szervusztok Mindenki!
Ezen a héten volt elfoglalva!
De, az tökéletes nekem!

Last P-day, Elder Ábrók and I toured around Sopron. We were able to go to this huge/awesome watch tower that had a rad view of the entire city. We then rode our bikes ALL THE WAY to the Austrian border. (okay, so it was only about a 20 minute bike ride) But it was an awesome day and I have some grand pictures I will attach.

The elevator that has been under construction for our building is finished now!! We've really been enjoying not having to take the hike to the top floor to get to our apartment multiple times a day. Every Néni in the branch is excited about it as well for attending church!

This past week, Elder Ábrók managed to get me to buy "Liver Cream" at the store this week. And yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. It's creamed liver. So I tried it on some toast and it's some dang good stuff! I bought lots more today and he's so proud that a real American likes one of his favorite Hungarian foods.

We had a zone training in Győr this week and the A.P.s taught at it. It was a swell meeting. I always love being in Győr. It's such a huge and pretty city. (Top 5 biggest in Hungary!)

We were able to watch conference this weekend. It bites because the translators aren't able to put much emotion into the words being spoken. It sure made Elder Holland's talk sound a lot different. But during Elder Nelson's talk all of the branch members kept looking at us and smiling anytime he said "ASK THE MISSIONARIES!!" It was a great conference.

We were able to pick up a lot of new (and super slammin') investigators this week! Ah! I'm really really excited about them. Elder Ábrók and I have an awesome song we sing in our apartment anytime we think about these really great investigators we have. Incredible things are happening. Really.

It's crazy to think that this is already the end of my second transfer. The older missionaries were right, each transfer gets faster. It's starting to get too fast already! Crazy stuff!

I bet there's a lot of guys and girls getting mission papers in now because of the change. The MTC was packed when I was there, I can't imagine even more. It'll be interesting! But it's incredible to see how much the work is increasing! I'm excited to be able to say this to my children: "I went on my mission when the age requirement for boys was still 19!!" Fun stuff.

Anywho, I hope you all have a slammin' week. Yet, it won't be slammin' unless you read The Book of Mormon. EVERY DAY.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder
 The Watch Tower

 View of the city from the Tower

 On the Tower

 With Elder Abrok on the Tower

 I had to buy it and try it and it wasn't too bad.

 Cool fountain and Opera house in Sopron

 We biked to the Austrian border