Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 68 (September 2-9, 2013)

Egy új világba érkeztem... Teljesen más a nagy város.

Béna: This keyboard can't be switched into English... So, I have to keep fixing all of my "z's" and "y's" and it's quite annoying. The "!" is number 4 instead of number 1... aaand pretty much everything else is in a different place as well.

Budapest: So, here I am in the big city!! It really is a whole different ballgame. My good earth, I miss my dear Evelin a lot. On our first day of walking around everywhere and taking public trans just about killed me. Most már meg kell szoknom sétálni... But it's gotten better since then. I've found that I kinda a little bit missed walking around and talking public trans--you get to see the city so much better that way.

From the Hood: I kinda picked up the Eastern dialect because I was there for so long and I was there at a critical time in my language development. They speak pretty different here in the city and things that were completely normal and understandable over there and pretty funny/incorrect here. I'm hoping to pick up the city dialect because I think it sounds way rad.

My New Companion: Well, he's not all that new. He hasn't changed much since the last time I served with him... I still love him to death and we have a blast and a half. Serving with him again has helped me recognize my progress--especially in the language. I'm now able to understand every word that comes out of his mouth and I'm able to say any blasted thing I want and I know how to say it and say it correctly. It just helped me realize that, "hey! I really can speak this language!" You know, because the progression has been so gradual.

Now is NOT the Time!! ... Or is it?: We were tracting yesterday and we got caught in a nasty argument between floor neighbors...? (they live in the same spot... just on different floors, I have no idea what you would call that.) Anywho, I don't know why but they start complaining to US about the whole situation and all we said was, "wow... We're sorry... But we're just missionaries. We can't really do anything about it." As one of the ladies was heading (storming) back into her apartment, we asked if we could talk to her a bit. She replied harshly that now was NOT the time. We began to tell her that what we had to say could help her. She said we could try. After about 8 minutes she was completely calmed down and really digging everything we were saying. Come to find out, she is super religious and searching for the truth! We're going back pretty soon--don't worry.

Well, we have to run a bunch of errands today and get some stuff ready for our zone training that we have on Thursday. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and send them next week!! Everything is great over here! I'm loving life!

I only love my life because I read from The Book of Mormon. Seriously, how lucky are YOU that you have your own copy?? Read it.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder