Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 69 (September 9-16, 2013)

I didn't get a main email from Elder Alldredge to post on this blog this week. :(

He sent a couple of little family emails and said he was writing his main one, but it never came!
He mentioned the work is going great. And he also said he is dreaming in Hungarian now.
He also wrote that he wasn't feeling very well.
So I emailed his mission president to check with him to make sure Cameron was ok-why didn't he finish writing to me?!

This was the response:

"Thank you for your e-mail. I just called your son. He said he is fine! He did not know that his e-mail may not have gone out yesterday. He said the computer turned off just as he was sending it – and he thought it had gone out, but apparently it had not.

But, he is fine.

Your son is a great missionary. He is serving well as Zone Leader – setting a great example to the missionaries in his Zone and to the entire mission. It is such a privilege to serve with him. What a great young man! What a great priesthood holder! What a great missionary! Thanks for raising such a wonderful son."

We should hear from Cameron again next Monday!
Sorry to those of you who were waiting to hear from him too.