Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 69 this time! (Sept. 9-16, 2013)

Hűha... Múlt héten nem sikerült. Probáljuk még egyszer.

Drafts (1): I opened up my email account to find the draft of my last week's general email. Oops. I guess it didn't send before my computer logged out. So this week, you all get double!!

Curse You, Flyers: So we've been passing out hundreds and hundreds of flyers for English Class to people and dropping them in mail boxes... My personal cellphone number is listed for the information. Mind you, all of the information about the class is on the flyer--and I get called nonstop all day from people asking:
"so HOW much is this Engnlish Class??"
Me: "free."
"is it still going??"
Me: "yes, of course" (as if we would spent time and money on getting a flyer to people about something that is no longer available)
"well, where is it at and when!?"
Me: "it's at Kossuth Lajos Utca number 2 and it starts at 18:00" (just like it's printed on the little paper you're probably holding in your hands)
"do I need to pay???"
Me: "no... it's still free."
Etc. Etc. Good earth. Just in the time of emailing I've been called twice about it.

I Love You, Voice: So I was pretty sick last week--don't worry I'm totally fine now. But I completely lost my voice last Tuesday. I didn't realize how important my voice was especially in missionary work. I came to realize I LOVE my voice. It was interesting while tracting because Elder Ábrók was pretty sick too and we were just a mess at the door because I would try to talk but I sounded like a broken squeaker toy and Ábrók's nose was like a flowing river of snot and he would have to blow his nose after ever sentence. Makes for great memories though--right? Anywho, my beloved voice came back on Wednesday and I'll never take it for granted again--ever!

Néni Party: So this happened just this last Saturday. We were tracting along like, la la-la la laaa. Then we had an older lady answer the door and talk to us for a little bit. She thought we were pretty adorable so she yelled to the back room, "hey giiiirls!! come look at what we have!!" Her grandma girlfriends started to come to see who were were and she explained to us that she and her 'girls' were having a 'girl party'. As luck would have it, they invited us right in. So grandma parties are pretty much like how I pictured them being. They had little cups of juice, a bunch of little baked goodies everywhere and they were playing cards around a little table talking about their grandchildren. We joined right into the fun and they asked us all about ourselves and fed us lots of juice and cookies. Sadly none of them were interested. But heck, I can check "crash a grandma party" off my bucket list now.

Back and Kickin': So, since I've arrived here in Budapest, we have dropped more than half of our investigators and dropped 2 of our baptismal dates that were set. We've been dogged an outrageous amount of times the past couple weeks and I guess the average missionary would say that this is a "hard area" or "bad time of year". I'm extremely opposed to such thinking. But I must admit--bad thing, after bad thing, after dog, after drop, after bad thing has kinda been eating at me lately. I have been trying to stay positive and we really have been working our tails off lately--it just seemed like it's been ages since we had a super stellar and spiritual program with someone. UNTIL TODAY!! We met with a woman for the first time before coming here to email. It was extremely spiritual and we knew that she was feeling it too. We taught the Restoration (my favorite) and it went so smooth and she was loving it. She said, "wow, I love everything that you boys have said and I really want to find out for myself if all of these things are true." She said the closing prayer at the end of the program and it was incredible. Before we left we asked, "So do you want us to come back and teach you some more??" and she replied with, "Of course! I think I need a little time to think about all of this so... let's just meet in two months from now--okay?"
BUT that's okay. You know why? I'll tell you why. Because it was a great, spiritual experience for everyone and it's just what we needed.

I hope all is well on your side of the waters because everything is grand here.

if yew kin reid fis, den gew reid de buk af mormin. kuz iss prolly betir.
Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder