Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 71 (September 23-30, 2013)

Fogalmam sincs, hogy mi legyen a mai magyar mondatom.

Pictures, and Lack of: We email at a library. This internet lacks the power to upload my pictures. I have a lot of great ones... but they remain on a list. I will see what I can do in weeks to come but it might be a while--please be patient.

Lehi: While tracting, we noticed that the name plates on one of the doors said "Lehi" for the last name. We found it rad, so we held out a copy of The Book of Mormon as we knocked on the door. When they answered, we said, "hello! We noticed that your last name is the name of one of the characters in this book of scripture that we often give to people and discuss with them--would you like to meet with us and learn more?"
Nonetheless, I thought it was an excellent idea. Maybe next time.

I Love Lamp: One of our investigators had a big lamp that she didn't want anymore and she asked if we would take it. Who wouldn't want a free lamp? It was a pretty tall lamp and we had to take it on the tram with us back home. We did just that... I'm telling this story because I have a rad picture of it. Yet, as you already know, there will be a famine of pictures for a while... Gáz!

Bakelit Party: On Saturday we had a ward activity. It was a retro party thing which actually turned out pretty great! We had zsíros kenyér... which is when they spread solid fat onto bread and put onions and peppers on top--sounds great for a party, right? It is actually really good despite how disgusting and unhealthy it sounds. But all unhealthy stuff tastes good, right? Anywho, they played a bunch of old records. 80's still sounds super 80's, even when sung in Hungarian. Everybody danced and we all had a great time.
*AH! I started uploading a picture an hour ago and it just finished! You lucky heads get a picture this week!!

Primary Program: Yesterday was the primary program. It was the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my whole life. They even had the Elders sing one of the songs with them. There is a surprisingly large primary here and it was a real treat to have that yesterday. The song translations were actually really interesting to listen to as well.

Primary Program Reward: As a reward for doing such a great job in the program, the kids got a special treat--a WHOLE hour with Ábrók Elder and Alldredge Elder!! YAY! The teachers asked us to do an activity with them during the third hour. So, we read from the picture copy of The Book of Mormon about how Nephi built the boat and got tied up on and all that good stuff and then we acted it out with the kids. They built a boat with tables and chairs and we got some rope and tied up one of the kids who was Nephi. (We may, or may not have chosen the most obnoxious child to be Nephi... hehe) Anywho, the kids really loved it and I have a new found appreciation for all primary teachers of the world.

*Another picture just made its way! Maybe the internet is fine and it's just my lack of knowledge with the Windows operating system that is my obstacle.

That's about it from my side of the waters. Everything is swell for me. I love these people. I LOVE THEM.

Heck, if you need to act out things from The Book of Mormon to better understand them or to rekindle that desire to read--do it.

Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder
The Kispest Elders
Primary activity with the Elders. This is the 'boat' the children made!