Saturday, March 8, 2014

Week 95 (March 1-8, 2014)

Na sziasztok! Boldog Nők Napja!
"Oh! Hello Elders!': We went streeting last night in the rain. We stopped a mother and her child as they were going down the sidewalk and we said, "hello! Can we talk to you for a moment?" She looked up and replied (in English) with, "Oh! Hello Elders! Wow! Who do we have here? ...We have Elder Alldredge, and... Elder Miller! How are you guys doing?" And we were like, O_o ...what? Come to find out, she joined the church here in Hungary 20 years ago. (Making her one of the first members.) She has been living in Holland for quite some time now and she attends church there. She was just in Budapest for a couple days visiting before heading back. It was way cool to meet her and talk with her. She was really happy to see us and a surprise member on the street is always a great experience for us as well.

Transfers: We met with President quite frequently this past week regarding transfers. They will be in a week and a half! Transfers have never ceased to fascinate me. Once a good companionship or change is made, the Spirit is so prevalent and we all have a unanimous peaceful feeling.

Zone Conference: Next week Elder Dyches will be visiting our mission and will hold trainings for the whole mission. We will have a busy week! We will attend both conferences on Wednesday and Thursday. We will then have a Mission Leadership Council meeting on Friday. We're going to be spiritually stuffed!

YSA: We were able to work with the YSA last night and hold a little "mission prep" class with them. We talked about streeting and some techniques to try if they go with the missionaries. We showed them the dos and don'ts and they got a good kick out of that. We then did some practices with them and it got them all really excited about missionary work! Next month when they invite us back, we will take them all out streeting for real! They're stoked.

A Sweet Phonecall:  Thursday evening we received a call from one of our investigators that we met with just a few hours prior to the call. (This is the hair-cutting lady, she's progressing like a champ.) She said, "Elder Alldredge, my husband and I feel SO good and happy every time you boys come here and meet with us. We can't stop smiling and we love this! Is this the Holy Ghost that we're feeling? It is the best feeling in the world! It's almost like a drug. Heck, it's better than drugs! We never want this feeling to leave!" If that's not rad, I don't know what is. It just goes to show how powerful the Spirit is.

Today is Woman's Day in Hungary. You too can celebrate Women's Day today by treating yourself to a good read from The Book of Mormon. Women, this can be a little gift to yourself. Men, this can be a little gift to your woman.
Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

The city of Szentendre