Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 97 1/2 (March 15-24, 2014)

Hű.. Hihetetlenül gettó ez az internet hely. De szeretem!
Goodbye Buda, Hello Pest!: So, as you have already realized, I have been released as an assistant. Like in all areas, it was hard to say goodbye. I have come to love a lot of people in that city. Yet, the incredible city of Budapest wasn't able to get rid of me that easily because I have just crossed back over the Duna to the PEST area. It's insanely beautiful here. Spring has started to make its way out and I am LOVIN' it here!

"Gnarly!": My new and last companion is Elder Tuttle!! I will be training him for the next nine weeks. He comes from Laguna Beach, California. We are having wayyy too much fun together. It was awesome to be able to say, "Elder, I have less transfers than you have years." (I'm a pill.) Since we've gotten together we are constantly saying, "no way! Me too!!" because we have so much in common. For example, he also drummed in a band, plays bass, loves to golf, loves music, and is into psychology--like me!! I think God was just looking out for us, that's for sure. He's a stellar Elder and we've been working super hard. It doesn't even feel like work because we're having so much fun doing it! We've been able to help a lot of people just within these couple days of being together.

City Runs: We live right next to the city center of Pest. (Extremely beautiful place.) We go running everyday throughout the city and it is unreal. It's such a fun trip and we get some good exercise too!

Wedding: There was a wedding in the ward this week. The bride and groom decided to be awesome and they made it a good finding opportunity for us missionaries. They showed the little Restoration film and had us get up and explain why we're here and what we do as missionaries. It turned out to be really nice. Just goes to show you how much the members love the church here. We were also able to learn a traditional Hungarian group dance sort of thing. It was a  blast!

The Néni Next Door: So we live on the first floor of a ten-story apartment building. We live next to an adorable old néni. On our first morning together, I was getting out of the shower and drying off when I heard an old ladies voice INside our apartment. "What on earth?" I thought. It sounded like she wasn't too happy and she was talking with Elder Tuttle. I couldn't come out to save him and see what she wanted. Later, I went over to see what was wrong and it turns out we didn't know we had to lock the hallway door. So she took us to the door and showed us how to lock it for like 8 minutes. She's a funny, funny lady.

Well, we have some work we're going to go do! Trust me, you don't have to worry about us. We're having the times of our lives here. Everything is superb!

If you wanna feel good like me, you gotta read out of The Book of Mormon. It'll give you a kick of happiness.
Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

His first bird milk. (He loved it.)

He's photogenic.

Making some Hungarian cuisines.

Tracting! (with a cat in the hall!)
Elder Tuttle and I

Spring is in the air.

We love it here.

This is where it's at.

Mmmm wedding food.