Saturday, March 15, 2014

Week 96 (March 8-15, 2014)

Üdvözlök benneteket!
Zone Conferences: As I mentioned last week, we had the wonderful Elder and Sister Dyches here on a mission tour. The conferences went great and we had the pleasure to meet with him a few times separately. The conferences were uplifting, insightful, and motivating! Lucky for us, we got to go to all of them!

Transfers: I had wayyy too much fun this week messing with people about their transfer calls. Everyone loves coming up to the APs to try to get some information out of them. I got a kick out of it. Which brings me to another point. I may or may not be finishing my mission as an assistant. If I remain as an assistant, I will be emailing again next Saturday. If I am released as an assistant, my P-Days will go back to Monday and I will be able to email once again on the 25th. Who knows what's gonna happen..? Oh wait, I do!

It's True, I Feel It's True: We have continued to meet with the awesome couple I've been talking about lately. The husband already finished The Book of Mormon. We asked if they felt it was true. They responded that they did. We asked if they felt the Church was true. They responded that they did. We then asked them, "so what do you think the next step is?" They responded, "well, if the Spirit tells us that we need to be baptized, then that will be the next step."
We all know that that is exactly what the Spirit is going to tell them.

Miracles for Everyone!: It all seemed to come at once this week. We were able to pick up a whole bunch of solid families and people who are interested in the Church. We visited a part member family this week where the mother was the only non-member. They hadn't met with missionaries for a year and after we started teaching, it didn't take long for baptism to be brought up. She said, "I now have a testimony, and I want to be baptized." As we were leaving we noticed she had already written, "get baptized" on her goal board. How stellar is that?

Well, I don't have too much time today to tell you about my other adventures. Truth be told, there were a lot. I see this fit to be enough for today. All is fantastic on my side of the waters. Great things are happening, and great things are going to happen.

If you were dissatisfied with my email this week and its lack of contents, you can read some even better stories from the one and only, Book of Mormon.
Sok Szeretettel,
Alldredge Elder

The Klinger family